Allowable Alpine Equipment Policy


Downhill Skis - A device used in conjunction with ski boots, skis attach to the user’s feet which are in ski boots, skis have metal edges which the skier uses their body weight to point the skis in alternating directions as they travel downhill. The bindings on skis are detachable and skis are required to have brakes to stop a runaway ski in the case of a binding ejection.

Snowboards - A device where both of the rider’s feet are attached to a board, this device can be used by the rider shifting their weight to cause it to turn and stop using the edges of the device. One foot is typically removed from the snowboard while riding lifts.

Snow Blades - A device that resembles traditional skis however usually is no longer than 140cm. This device uses both a binding and leashes on each foot unlike skis.

Snow Skate (Boot Style)- A device that resembles a ski boot. Rather than using a binding to attach this device to a ski, the boot itself has a sliding surface on the bottom of it. These devices will often have metal edges.

Snow Skate (Skateboard Style) – A skateboard like device containing a skateboard deck on top and a miniature snowboard base. This device contains a leash but does not have bindings. These devices are one of the most popular “non-traditional” types of equipment and meet all the requirements listed above, other than chair lift loading. WinSport only permits this style of snow skate on carpets and not on lifts. 

Sit Ski- A device that is used by adaptive skiers. Sit Skis resemble a wheelchair with one ski attached to the bottom of them.

Adaptive Snow Sports Equipment includes devices used to provide balance and/or additional contact points with the snow. They include:

  • Long Pole, a pole used for balancing. These are permitted on magic carpets but are not permitted on the chair lift.
  • Snow Slider, resembles a frame walker with skis. These are permitted on magic carpets but are not permitted on the chair lift.
  • Sno-Wing, a lightweight elliptical frame with a padded harness, which appears similar to a Hula Hoop, and is worn by an individual to allow another person to guide their movements. They are permitted on both magic carpets and on the chair lift.
  • Outriggers, forearm crutches with small skis mounted to the bottom to allow for sliding, are permitted on both the chair lift and magic carpets.

All equipment must align with #6 of the Alpine Responsibility Code – Always use proper devices to help prevent runaway equipment.




Snow Bikes/Ski Bobs - A device resembling a tricycle with a ski mounted on the front fork and ski’s mounted where back wheels would be found, this device uses a leash to attach to the rider. These devices sometimes resemble a bicycle.

Snow Scooters/ Snowmoto - A device that resembles a snowboard and has handlebars attached to the toe of the board. This device turns by the rider moving the handlebars in the direction they wish to travel and by transferring their weight from edge to edge similar to a snowboard. This device may have a leash but does not contain bindings. Snowmotos have seats, Snow Scooters do not.

Toboggans - Refers to but is not limited to any device used to sit on and ride downhill. Such devices include “GT Snow Racers”, “Crazy Carpets”, “Toboggans” and “Flying Saucers”. All versions of toboggans are prohibited on the ski hill. Certain types of toboggan devices may be used only in designated areas where WinSport says it is allowed but are prohibited from being on the ski hill (ex. WinSport provided tubes are permitted within the designated tube park).

Fat Bikes and Bicycles - Are bicycles that have oversized rubber tires which exceed 3.8 inches and are often used in snowy or icy conditions. Fat bikes are not permitted on WinSport ski hill area.  Note: Fat Bikes and Bicycles may be permitted on WinSport’s slopes for specific events subject to approval of such event.

Uphill “Ski Touring Traffic” - Although Alpine Touring or Ski Touring equipment can be used in downhill mode, using the equipment to climb any slopes at WinSport is not permitted. Note: Uphill touring equipment may be permitted on WinSport slopes for specific events subject to approval of such event.

Cross Country Skis- Similar to downhill skis, these are a device used in conjunction with ski boots. Skis attach to the user’s feet which are in ski boots, however, only the toe of your boot is attached to your ski. These skis do not have metal edges, leashes or brakes and are very difficult to ski downhill in a controlled and predictable manner.  Cross country skis are prohibited on the WinSport ski hill. 

Child Carriers - devices used to carry children are not permitted to be used while skiing or riding.

Should you have any questions about this policy or allowable equipment, please contact the Patrol Team at 403-247-5454