Introducing the New Day Lodge at WinSport

A Beacon for the Future of Sport and Community 

We are thrilled to announce the development of the new Day Lodge at WinSport, marking the beginning of a new era for our facility and the countless individuals it serves. This ambitious project will rejuvenate the almost 4-decade old facility, originally constructed as a media centre for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, breathing new life into a beloved hub for community engagement, sport, and physical activity.

New WinSport Day Lodge

A Legacy Revitalized 

The Day Lodge has stood as a testament to our Olympic heritage, and now it's set to continue its legacy well into the future. With a focus on creating a venue that encapsulates both the spirit of the past and the needs of the future, the Day Lodge is being transformed into a cutting-edge space that fosters connection, activity, and growth.  

Designing with Excellence and Inclusivity 

The new Day Lodge is designed with everyone in mind. We’re committed to ensuring barrier-free access and enhancing the visitor experience, meeting the highest standards set by the Accessibility Standards Canada and Canadian Standards Association's Accessible Design for the Built Environment. Whether you're a beginner skier, a child discovering the joy of snow for the first time, or someone navigating the slopes with different abilities, the Day Lodge is for you. 

Sustainability at Our Core 

 At WinSport, we are not just advocates for sports and wellness, but also for our planet. The renovated Day Lodge is taking a bold step towards a net-zero carbon footprint. With a net zero carbon design, we are reducing our environmental impact while promoting sustainability within our operations.  

Enriching Experiences for All Visitors  

With over 1.2 million annual visitors, WinSport caters to a vibrant and diverse demographic. The Day Lodge will enhance the experiences of everyone from casual tourists to elite athletes pursuing their sporting dreams. 

Services for Every Season 

 WinSport is a year-round destination, and the Day Lodge will reflect this versatility. Offering a wide range of services such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and several award winning, innovative programs, the Day Lodge will be the starting point for adventures and the backdrop to cherished memories.  

Driving Economic and Social Prosperity  

The new Day Lodge doesn’t just represent an architectural achievement; it stands as a pillar for economic growth and social inclusion. By supporting local jobs and providing accessible facilities, we are crafting an environment where every individual has the opportunity to thrive in sport. 

Preparing for Tomorrow 

Our commitment to future generations is reflected in the infrastructure we build today. The Day Lodge is designed to be as inclusive, accessible, and respectful as possible, welcoming an ever-changing community demographic. 

Our Partners

Funded by the Government of Canada, and the Government of Alberta, the new Day Lodge is designed to be a net- zero carbon building, and one that improves accessibility to sport for all.


The new Day Lodge at WinSport is more than a project; it's a promise to our community. It represents our dedication to fostering a world where sport and recreation can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Stay with us on this exciting journey as we lay the foundation for a sustainable, inclusive, and engaging future at WinSport. 

Together, let's celebrate sport, community, and sustainability. 

June 26, 2024 | WinSport Communications