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To continue allowing our members, athletes and guests access to our facility, WinSport is implementing the Government of Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program.

Effective Monday September 20th, 2021, all members, guests and athletes 12 years of age or older who enter the BWTC for the gym or an event will be required to provide the following information:

  • Proof of vaccination* (single dose accepted between September 20 and October 25 if received 2 weeks before entering the facility; double doses required after October 25)
  • Proof of a privately paid negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of entering the facility (tests from AHS or Alberta Precision Laboratories not allowed). [NOTE: Those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons must provide a negative test to ensure the safety of all participants and staff. WinSport does not require proof of medical exemption.]

*Proof of vaccination can be paper record received at immunization appointments; records shown from MyHealth Records app or website; or printable card from MyHealth Records app.


  • Face coverings and physical distancing of six feet (two metres) are required in all public areas, change rooms and washroom areas.
  • Face coverings may be removed during physical activity and physical distancing is required while working out in the gym, except for members from the same household.
  • WinSport is continuing regular cleaning and sanitizing of the gym and equipment.
  • The ongoing operation of the BWTC relies on everyone’s cooperation and honest compliance with these requirements. Members are reminded that they are not to enter the facility if they are sick, have tested positive for COVID, or are otherwise required to isolate.
  • Please be respectful to all WinSport staff, they are doing their part to keep people safe and the gym operating and there will be zero tolerance for disrespectful behaviour.


If you are unable to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test or have any questions, please contact the BWTC Staff at [email protected] or by calling 403-678-5759.


If you have concerns about training with a team and being in a crowded gym floor, you are welcome to click the link below and adjust your workout schedule accordingly. 

Team Training Schedule  

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the Bill Warren Training Centre (BWTC) provides dry-land training and support services to Nordic athletes and the public. Owned and operated by WinSport, the BWTC is housed at the legendary Canmore Nordic Centre. The facility was the host site of the cross-country skiing and biathlon events at the 1988 Olympic Winter Games.

The BWTC features a world-class fitness centre, a unique treadmill for cross-country skiing athletes, a training camp on a glacier, and a perfect venue for weddings and events. 

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