Memberships & Drop-in

The Performance Training Centre (PTC) provides a community dedicated to improving sports performance. We inspire through our world-class facility and activate potential with our knowledgeable team. 


Membership Benefits

  • Standard License access for the WinSport Performance App.
  • 5 buddy passes per annual membership.
  • Free parking and option to purchase West Hill Road access.
  • Towel service and access to showers, steam rooms, and day lockers.
  • PTC program discounts.



  • Food and beverage discounts.
  • 2 free membership holds per year.
  • Complimentary fitness consultation.
  • Facility orientation.

Public Memberships

Personal Training
Individual offerings
Packs 60 minutes 75 Minutes
Single $80 $100
5-pack $375 ($75/session) $469 ($93.80/session)
10-pack $700 ($70/session) $875 ($87.50/session)
20-pack  $1,300 ($65/session) $1,625 ($81.25/session)

Semi-private/small group offerings
Session type 60 minutes 75 minutes
2:1 Single session $120 $150
3-6:1 Single session $135 $169
Annual Membership
Membership Price
Annual $99+GST/month for 1 year
  •  New offer— pay in full for the year and save $108.
  • 5 buddy passes per membership.
  • Option to add on a Road Access Pass during your membership for $25+GST. 
  • 10% discount on food and beverage.
  • 10% discount on sport programs and lessons.
Continuous Monthly
Membership Price
Continuous $109+GST/month 
  • Minimum two-month commitment.
  • No cancellation fee with 30 days notice of stoppage.
30 Day Pass
Membership Price
30-day pass $129+GST/month
  • No commitment.
  • Membership expires 30 days from purchase.
2 Week Trial
Membership Price
2-week trial $39+GST
  • First-time users only.
  • No commitment trial.
  • Access to daily strength and conditioning classes.
  • Best-in-class cardio and strength equipment.
  • Help from our certified training staff.
  • Must reside in Calgary or surrounding areas.
Options Price
Single-visit $20
5 pack punch pass $80
10 pack punch pass $130

Athletes and Others

Athlete Memberships
Level Monthly 6 Month Annual
Club/Varsity $75 $390 ($65/month) $720 ($60/month)
Provincial $60 $300 ($50/month) $540 ($45/month)
National $45 $210 ($35/month) $360 ($30/month)
International $109 - -

WinSport encourages athletes to discover, develop, and excel in their athletic goals. We offer athletes discounts on memberships to our training facilities. You must provide proof of being on an active roster, or confirmation from a coach, or sport organization.

Other Memberships
Type Monthly Annual
First responders*  $69 $828
Retired Olympians $69 $828
Students $90 $828 ($69/month)

*Canadian Armed Forces, EMS, Fire Department, RCMP, CPS, etc.

Locker Rentals
Type Continuous Monthly Annual
Locker rentals $15/month $12.50/month