Lessons run by individuals or clubs

Please note that any lessons (Private or Group) run by individuals or clubs are not permitted at Canada Olympic Park, without the express written consent from WinSport and the completion of a Facility Use Agreement and its associated requirements.

Failure to abide by these requirements will result in the revocation of season pass(es) or day pass(es).

Minimum requirements include:

  1. Agreement by WinSport that these lessons/programs are not in direct competition with WinSport’s lessons/programs
  2. Completion of a Facility Use Agreement and acknowledgment of its terms and conditions
  3. Certificate of Insurance (COI) from Canadian Snowsports Association’s (CSA). Amount of General Liability Insurance: $10 million per occurrence.
  4. Proof of workers’ compensation coverage (WCB)
  5. In good standing order with the respective governing body
  6. First aid certification for select facilities
  7. $500 business administration fee (seasonal)

For more information email [email protected].