Admission Process:

Due to the overwhelming response to our early application intake, the National Sport School is no longer taking applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

About the National Sport School

Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the National Sport School became part of the Palliser School Division – ensuring its long-term future at Canada Olympic Park. 

The National Sport School (NSS) is for families of developmental and competitive athletes who wish to excel in high school and sport. We understand and accommodate the unique needs of student-athletes. Students are able to learn and thrive outside the traditional school setting and achieve a high school diploma while still pursuing sport. The NSS is for families who want to ease the pressure inherent with traditional school offerings that cannot support or accommodate student-athlete needs including academics, training, and competition requirements. Our unique program honours success in both academics and sport.

Our School provides an accessible, supportive, and flexible learning environment. Small class sizes, one-on-one tutorials, accessible athlete development, leadership training, flexible exam options, and preparation for post-secondary education as well as unparalleled access to onsite sports services, world-class training facilities, and various funding opportunities is what sets us apart. Students can be both successful athletes and graduate from high school with an exceptional education.

Join our community of like-minded students, families and educators at the National Sport School.

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Our Learning Environment

Our student-athletes are always on the go, travelling for training and competition. National Sport School is designed to provide education in the nimble environment, allowing any time any place access to learning resources. We maximize the use of technology to provide on demand learning and make our teaching team available to our student-athletes.
Working time alongside the classroom teacher is built into the schedule of every class, every day. Students have the opportunity to work through the curriculum at a pace that fits each individual student.

Students are able to connect with their teachers while in class or on the road, but they also have access to a Mental Performance Consultant and Counsellor. They build capacity in mental fitness and learn strategies for coping with stress as well as energy management as student athletes.

Our academic institution is part of a public education system and so remains accessible for families.


Students in grade 8-12, who are currently involved in sport that is recognized at the Provincial or National level. These students show a need for school programming that accommodates sport commitments. 


WinSport Canada Olympic Park offers a unique duality: premier training facility access collaborating with an esteemed school. Located in the SW corner of Calgary, Alberta, WinSport has access to arenas, the ski hill with World Cup facilities, halfpipe as well as the Calgary Gymnastics facility, and the Olympic Oval nearby. Premier training facilities include the Performance Training Centre gym and running track.

See our maps and location here.

WinSport's Markin MacPhail Centre
110-151 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, Alberta


The National Sport School has a 28-year history of honoring the specific needs of student athletes; utilizing a blended learning environment that allows student athletes to progress both online and in the classroom.  Students learn and train at WinSport’s world class training and competition facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

National Sport School at WinSport

Frequently Asked Questions




What grades are offered at the NSS?

Currently the school is Grade 8 – 12.

What are the class sizes at NSS?

The junior high school class size is typically around 22 students.
The high school class size is typically around 21 students.

Do you offer all levels of Math, Science, English and Social Studies? (i.e Math 30-1 & Math 30-2).

Yes, we offer all -1 and -2 courses in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies. We also offer all three sciences to the 30 level as well as Math 31 and Science 30. If students require other course selections, they will be available with Palliser Beyond Borders.

How does the NSS cater to students with learning disabilities?

Approximately 30% of NSS students are on an Individual Program Plan (IPP) and the staff work closely to support the students’ needs.

Is French immersion offered as an option?

It is not offered at this time.

Does Palliser offer any online classes in other languages?

French is offered online with support in the classroom. Spanish is available through online providers.  

If students opted to take Option Courses that are available with Palliser, where would the students take these?

Students can take these at the NSS itself, at another Palliser school within Calgary or online through Palliser Beyond Borders.

How many NSS students go on to post-secondary and university?

More than 95% of our students graduate high school with grades to attend university. Many students choose to follow their sport passion before attending university.

Have NSS students been selected for US universities and/or NCAA athletic scholarships?

Yes, many of our students have obtained either academic, athletic or both scholarships to US universities.

Staff & Demographics

How many students are currently enrolled at the NSS?

For the 2023/2024 school year there are 395 students.

What is the total number of Teachers, Administrators and Support staff at the NSS?

For the 2023/2024 school year there are 24 teaching staff including the Principal and Vice Principal, 5 support staff, 2 administrative assistants, learning commons facilitator, family school liaison counselor, and a mental performance consultant.

What is the current gender split at NSS?

The split is approximately 60% boys and 40% girls.

Do you have to attend the NSS starting at grade 8?

No. Student athletes are welcome to join NSS in any grade year.

Do you have intake limits for any specific grade or sport?

We monitor enrollment to try and maintain reasonable class sizes and gender equity.


Is the NSS for elite athletes only?

No. WinSport’s mission is to serve athletes in the full “discover, develop, and excel” continuum. The NSS serves athletes in the “Develop & Excel” range.

Can my student athlete stick with their current club or association?

Students from any team sport association can remain with their association of choice and can attend the National Sport School.

Have many students have gone on to National and Olympic Teams?

Yes, we have and have had many students reach the National and Olympic level. The past several Winter Olympics have had approx. 10% of NSS students on the Canadian Olympic Team.

We live out of Calgary, does the student athlete need to live in Calgary to attend the NSS?

Yes, any students attending the NSS would have to reside in Calgary.


How does the application process work?

The NSS accepts student-athlete applications from November 2023 until March 1, 2024. Applicants are invited to complete groups interviews which are held in January and April. Successful applicants will be offered conditional acceptance letters, at which time parents can request bursary information and applications.

What is the difference between General Admission and Sport Specific applications?

The general athleticism admission is based upon participation in multiple sports over multiple years without one specific coach. Sport specific applications are for athletes who are currently registered in a sport program with a coach who can give an accurate representation of the student athlete.

Do student athletes need to be competing at a certain level to attend NSS? (eligibility)

No. WinSport’s mission is to serve athletes in the full “discover, develop, and excel” continuum. The NSS serves athletes in the “Develop & Excel” range.

What is the cost to attend the NSS?

The alternative program fee is $5,500 for the 2024/2025 school year. This is an annual fee.

When is the program fee due and is there payment options available?

The program fee is due June 1st each year. Parents can choose to pay the program fee in one payment or with the payment plan. The payment plan allows for four equal payments of the program fee and the associated administrative cost ($200).

Do you have offer any sibling discounts for the alternative program fee?

Yes, when 1 or more sibling attends the National Sport School, there will be a $250 discount applied for the second and subsequent siblings that are registered at the school each year.

Is there a bursary or funding available that students can apply for?

There are a limited number of needs-based bursaries available for the NSS. After your student-athlete is provisionally accepted into the school, there will be an option to apply for the needs-based bursary in the enrollment process.

Financial assistance guidelines 

Are there scholarships available to students wanting to attend the NSS?

Yes, there are a limited number of merit-based scholarships available, but they are typically offered near the end of the program. They are not merit-based entrance scholarships.


Does the school have school buses?

No. All athletes must take either public or private transportation to get to the school.

Does NSS offer a band program?

No, but it may be possible for a student interested in band to attend another Calgary based Palliser school for the band program.

Can you provide additional details on the STEM program for females?

Please see Palliser’s Off Campus website

Are out of province athletes welcome? Is there a cost differential?

Yes, out of province athletes are welcome. The NSS alternative program fee applies but the athlete must either qualify for provincial funding or there will be an “out of province” fee or an “international student” fee on top of the alternative programming fee. Please contact Palliser directly for more information.

Please describe any additional school activities or features offered by the NSS that the students would get to participate in.

The NSS offers cross country, golf, track and field, and intramurals as well as Leadership, GSA and social justice clubs that students can join. The Athlete Development course allows students to try sports like luge, bobsleigh and sledge hockey and offers education on topics such as nutrition, mental wellness, injury recovery, biomechanics, strength and conditioning and weight room etiquette.