Level up in skiing or snowboarding

Learn to ski or snowboard and advance your skills at each level. Not sure what level you are right now? Use our Levels Guide below to understand where your skills are today and what level you should register for in our programs.

WinSport Snow School

Levels 1-4. Learn basic skiing and snowboarding skills. Start as a beginner and progress to intermediate.

Recreational Ski & Snowboard Clubs

Levels 5-8. Where skiers and snowboarders further develop their skills.

Development Ski & Snowboard Teams

Levels 7-9. Where skiers and snowboarders take their skills to the next level and begin to compete.

Ski Levels

Tiny Tots (3-5)

First Time - For your Tiny Tot's first time on skis.

Beginner 1 - For Tots still learning to stop on their own.

Novice 2 - Able to control speed and stop on a gentle slope.

Intermediate 3 - Able to turn and stop on beginner terrain.

Intermediate 4 - Able to vary turn speed and direction, ready for chairlift. 

Radical Rippers (6-12)

First Time - Your child's first time on skis.

Beginner 1 - Has skied once or twice.

Novice 2 - Able to pizza stop and turn on a green run.

Intermediate 3 - Able to control speed and direction on easy chairlift terrain.

Intermediate 4 - Confident turning in parallel most of the time.

Teen & Adult (13+)

First Time - Your first time on skis.

Beginner 1 - I have skied once or twice, but still need to work on the basics.

Novice 2 - I can use a wedge to stop and turn on all beginner terrain.

Intermediate 3+ - Able to ski easier chairlift terrain, and sometimes ski parallel.

Snowboard Levels

Mini Sliders (4-7)

First Time - Your Mini Slider's first time snowboarding.

Beginner 1 - Not their first lesson, but they aren't in control of their board yet.

Novice 2 - Able to maintain a standing position when sliding down beginner terrain.

Intermediate 3 - Able to stop and change direction.

Super Shredders (7-12)

First Time - Your child's first time snowboarding.

Beginner 1 - Has been snowboarding once or twice.

Novice 2 - Able to stop and change direction on both heel and toe sides.

Intermediate 3 - Able to turn from heelside to toeside and back.

Intermediate 4 -  Able to link S-turns confidently on easier chairlift terrain.

Teen & Adult (13+)

First Time - Your first time out.

Beginner 1 - Has been snowboarding before but still needs to dial in the basics.

Novice 2 - Able to stop and change direction on both heel and toe sides on all beginner terrain.

Intermediate 3+ - Able to ride easier chairlift terrain and link s-turns most of the time.

A Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement ("Waiver") must be completed prior to participation in WinSport’s Snow School Programs, Lessons, and Camps. If the Waiver is not completed, participation in the WinSport Program and access to WinSport's facilities will not be permitted, and a refund will be provided.