West Road Access

The West Track Service Road is a private road that connects the community of Cougar Ridge to our park facilities.

WinSport operates an access gate at the bottom of the West Track Service Road which requires a pass. WinSport collects pass access fees to maintain the road and its gate. The gate helps to decrease traffic and improve safety for the general public.

Road Access Passes

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Annual West Road Access Pass

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  • All road access passes are available online, see pricing table above.
  • Pass options include one-day, multi-day, year-round passes, passholders, and memberships.
  • Pass pick up is at Guest Services in the Frank King Day Lodge or the Markin MacPhail Centre. 
  • Review and sign the terms and conditions form for use. You must sign and submit this form before getting your pass. 
  • There is a $5.00 fee for a replacement access card.



All our facilities are accessible from the WinSport main entrance at the Trans-Canada Highway (16th Avenue). The parking lots for the Canada Sports Hall of Fame and Calgary Gymnastics Centre do not need a road access pass. Bicycles may use the road without an access pass.

Guests wanting to drive to the top of the hill must buy a one-day road pass.

Large coaches and tour buses are not permitted on the West Track Service road. Smaller tourist vans can get a one (1) day pass upon the presentation of a valid tour operator ID.



Season Passholders

Passholders may add road access to their adult membership card for an extra fee.

Performance Training Centre

Members of the Performance Training Centre (PTC) may enter from our main entrance (Trans-Canada Highway /16th Ave.). Drive from the top of the hill to park in the southeast corner of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and walk to the Centre. PTC annual members can buy a $25 pass valid for the term of their annual membership. All monthly and other members can buy road access passes at regular rates.

Program Participants

Participants in WinSport camps or programs get a road access pass at check-in for no extra charge. The pass will be valid for the duration of their program. All program facilities are accessible from our main entrance (Trans-Canada Highway / 16th Ave.).


Tenants and Groups

Passes are available for tenants, athlete groups, and National Sport School students. Contact your representative for more details. Tour Bus Access Large coach buses are not permitted on the West Service road. Smaller tourist vans can get a one (1) day pass upon presentation of valid tour operator ID.