WinSport welcomes Newcomer families for Capital Power Newcomers Winter Fun Day


Earlier this month, WinSport welcomed 80 participants from Calgary’s Centre for Newcomers for the Capital Power Newcomers Winter Fun Day!

It’s a big day for not only WinSport, but all the families who get a chance to experience sport in Canada, and to be exposed to activities for the first time ever.

On this particular day, participants had the chance to fly down the Servus Tube Park for a few hours, take part in a lunch overlooking the ski hill, and then throw on some skates and hop on the ice for a family skate!

For many of the participants, this was the first time they have ever tried any of these activities. Some had never done anything in the snow before.


Of course, they had to be set up for success to stay cozy in the snow! So, thanks to your donations at WinSport and Ski Cellar Snowboard over the last several months, as well as 50 winter jackets from our own inventory, all the families were geared up and ready to go.

A BIG thank you goes out to Stephen Cleaners in Calgary for its free cleaning of all the collected clothing prior to the big day.

After gathering their new winter clothing, the group trekked up to the Servus Tube Park where they got to spend two hours flying down the hill and experiencing tubing the best way you can, at one of Western Canada’s largest tube parks!

“My favourite part was the tubing, it was my first time that I did the tubing!” said one of the participants. “I liked it and I enjoyed it a lot.”

For some families, the escape on the hill was the best part of the day.

“I really enjoyed the tubing. I think even just standing beside (my family) .. I lost all the stress that I had.”

A sentiment that’s recognized by the Centre for Newcomers when they welcome new families to Calgary.

“We’re seeing newcomers face issues when they enter into Canada,” said Sharon Evans with the Centre for Newcomers. “They’re dealing with issues like not having their credentials recognized, housing security, job security. So, this whole day also contributes to mental wellness, not just physical wellness.”

Next up, the families made their way up to the second floor of the day lodge to take in some lunch and enjoy a break before hopping on the ice.

This time gave families the chance to meet one another and come together over lunch and chat with people who are new to Canada, just like them.

Kids jumped around from table to table, playing and talking with kids their age and getting to watch over the ski hill and witness what it’s like to truly embrace the winter season!

“You’re seeing the relationship building between newcomers who may have never met each other before and getting the chance to experience the outdoors together, and they’re making new friends, getting fresh air,” said Evans.

“Those are the highlights. When you see those relationships come together, those kids starting to make new friends, and developing those social ties.”

Once lunch was consumed, it was time to head over to the arena and grab some skates.

Every participant was personally fitted for skates and got some help from WinSport team members in tying them up and getting them out on the ice.

Some participants showed just how amazed they were that they were skating on actual ice. Many not aware that figure skating, hockey, and many other sports were actually played and performed on frozen ice!

All in all, it was an amazing day for the families, and one that all participants were incredibly grateful they had the chance to experience.

“I would like to thank WinSport and the Centre for Newcomers for all their support and help,” said one mother. “They always do different and very amazing work for newcomers. You know they have mental issues, depression, stress, but when they experience these kinds of days, it’s so useful and helpful for them. Thank you so much.”