Managing summer weather at WinSport

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If you’ve lived in Calgary for longer than a week, you know the weather can change in an instant.

One morning you could wake up and have to shovel your driveway, and by the evening, you’re in the backyard cooking on the barbecue.

Life doesn’t stop for poor weather, and that’s what WinSport looks to teach kids in its camps and programs.

Not everyday is going to be perfect, and sometimes, those less-than-ideal days can turn out to be more fun than normal.

“It’s what we push on our staff, is that the fun days can actually be the rainy days, so really just learn to embrace that,” said Johann Kuschke, the program lead for clubs and mountain bike at WinSport.

Whether it be one of our Outdoor Adventure camps, or training at WinSport’s Bike Park, rainy days can actually be a good teaching moment for a lot of kids.

“It is a really cool opportunity to teach kids a little bit about resilience and about how to stay active and have fun in all kinds of weather.”

Should a rainy day be possible, WinSport will communicate that with camp-goers to make sure they have the right outerwear for the day.

It goes without saying, should the weather get a little too extreme, whether it be lightning or the annual wildfire smoke rolling through Calgary, safety is always a top priority.

Backup plans will be made so kids can continue to stay active indoors and still get the most out of their camp.

But, once it’s safe to do so, WinSport will move back outside and continue the activity with the conditions that are provided. Because in Calgary, if you stopped doing things when the weather became unfavourable, you’d never get to do anything.

“We really believe that a bit of rain or colder weather shouldn’t be a reason to stay inside and not get out doing those fun things,” said Kuschke.

By Josh Ritchie