Fuelling your body is key to having a good day on the hill

Nutritian blog

Whether you are heading to the mountains or spending the day ripping up the snow at WinSport, fuelling your body for a day of skiing or snowboarding is critical to your day.

Nakita Schaab is a Nutrition Specialist working with WinSport’s Performance Training Centre, helping individual members and athletes make the most of their nutrition.

She says the perfect day on the slopes all starts with that ever-important first meal of the day.

“Our breakfast should be prioritized. Especially bright and early in the morning, you are going to want to get some carbohydrates in your system,” says Schaab. “It’s the most important because carbs are what gives us energy.”

A great pre-ski breakfast can come from simple menu items such as a bagel with cream cheese or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can add protein and healthy fat to your breakfast, but ensure you prioritize carbs

When it comes to mid-morning snacks, having one depends on the individual. However, it is recommended to have some healthy snacks readily available – in a jacket pocket, a backpack or a locker in the day lodge. Fuell

“Everyone's a little different as to whether breakfast will hold them over until lunch. It also depends on how hard you work,” says Schaab. “If you did 15 intense runs before lunch, you may need that snack because you are going to feel hungrier. If you are having a chill morning, where you do a run here or there and you are taking it easy, maybe you won’t need to have a snack.”

 Regardless of needing a snack, everyone should have a good lunch. Healthy options are always preferred but having a burger and fries as a treat isn’t always bad. The key, she says, is portion control. Don’t get over-full then head right for the lift station, because you might risk digestive discomfort while hitting the slopes

Just like the morning snack, the afternoon snack is optional, depending on how you feel. Easily accessible snacks are the key just in case you need an easy pick-me-up. These snacks are things such as fruits or healthy grains, such as granola bars or protein bars.

 Above any food intake during the day, staying hydrated is the most critical component for your body. Schaab says whether it’s water or Gatorade, before, during and after any exercise it’s important. Therefore, keeping it accessible throughout the day is key.

“Water is 70 percent of our body, so it’s really important to stay hydrated, especially on cold days because water regulates our body temperature and maintains our blood pressure,” she says. “So staying hydrated is very important.”

 Once the lifts have shut down for the day and you head home for the day – unless of course, you decide to stick around for wings, nachos or a Buffalo chicken wrap at WinSport’s EIGHTYEIGHT Bar & Grill –replacing the body’s glycogen is an important post-workout step.

You will naturally be hungry, so consider cooking up some spaghetti with protein or a plate of chicken and rice, which provides the perfect complement of carbohydrates and protein.

While a day on the hill is great family time and a great day of recreation, don’t forget you are actually exercising for as long as six or seven hours and your body needs to be rewarded and replenished!

For more information or more on the services provided by Nakita, email [email protected].