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A message to Mountain Bike guests

With the snow finally melting, we know that many of you are already thinking of riding and can’t wait for the dirt to dry out. That means you are wondering what the biking season at WinSport will look like this year.

The short answer is that we don’t know yet. The decision will be based on the direction from government and Alberta Health officials in the coming weeks.

We can tell you that we will not be operating the lift this year. We recognize that the convenience of the lift is one of the main reasons you ride at WinSport. However, running the lift is expensive and we need to manage costs given the economic realities of the pandemic.

Our team is reviewing potential short-term modifications to our operations that may allow us to continue to run the Bike Park in some form when the appropriate time comes. That could mean ride-up trails or some other alternatives. We can’t make any promises just yet.

With the calendar flipping to May, the Skills Centre won’t open this spring as we had hoped. We are hopeful it may open toward the end of June, but it’s still too early to make that determination.
We are just as anxious as you to hit the trails, however the trails are currently closed. Please continue to stay home, practice those manuals in the yard and get your bike set for the dirt to return.

We will communicate all decisions in a timely manner through our website and social media channels.

Summer Mountain Bike FAQs

Why is the lift not opening this summer?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our business was significantly impacted financially and to improve summer operational efficiencies, WinSport is reducing and modifying some elements of our standard operating policies.

Are we able to still access the trails without the lift?

We are currently looking at opportunities for public biking without utilizing the lift. All decisions will be based on the direction from government and Alberta Health officials Please stay tuned for updates.

Do you know which trails will be open?

As we continue to review operations, we will determine which trails, if any, will be open to the public.

Will I still be able to rent a bike?

At this point we will not be offering rental bikes for any public mountain biking. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to summer.

If public health measures are lifted, why aren’t you opening the lift?

If the public health measures are lifted, WinSport will review opportunities for public use, whether it’s the Skills Centre or the downhill trail network. However, we have had to make the determination now that the lift will be closed for this summer as a way to manage costs in an uncertain and unpredictable COVID world.

Why isn’t the Skills Centre open?

As long as public restrictions are still in place, the facility will remain closed. Should public restrictions change, it will be up for review.

Will you be making upgrades for next summer?

We are currently in a review process on the trail network and building out what summer 2021 will look like. It is our intention to add a little more ‘freeride flow’ to our trails.