Meet our team

We offer customized programs with support from a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Check out the bios below to learn about our Team Members.

Specialties include:
  • Injury prevention
  • Hockey training and development
  • Weightlifting — form and technique
  • Exercise rehabilitation and musculoskeletal assessments
  • Dynamic stability and endurance
  • Pre and post-rehabilitation
  • Joint friendly programs
WinSport TeamMember Brett

Brett Walker, BSc., Kin.

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Brett is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for WinSport’s Performance Training Centre. After retiring from his junior hockey and lacrosse career, the northern Alberta native made the move to Calgary. In his new home base, he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of Calgary.

For the past few years, Brett has served as Calgary’s off-ice strength specialist with Hockey Canada. He’s responsible for both NWCAA in-season programming and off-season hockey development. Brett assists with the Calgary Flames development and main camp testing procedures. He was proud to present at the 2018 National Hockey Canada Skills Seminar. Brett works with various athletes — from minor to NHL hockey athletes, to Canada’s bobsled and skeleton program, and even slopestyle ski and snowboard.

WinSport Team Member Mike

Mike Larocque, MPK, BSc. Kin, CSCS

Mike Larocque has been a coach at the PTC since October 2021.

Mike graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2013 and completed a Master of Professional Kinesiology degree from the University of Toronto in 2017. In his Masters, Mike focused on the area of injury prevention programs for youth sports.

He has worked with athletes from a wide variety of sports at the youth, varsity, and Olympic levels which include track & field, football, volleyball, jiu-jitsu, hockey, and freestyle skiing. Prior to joining the team at the PTC, Mike worked for York University and Athletics Canada as a strength and conditioning coach.

Mike is passionate about educating and empowering athletes so that they can make the right decisions for themselves and make the most of their athletic pursuits. His areas of expertise include strength and power development, injury prevention/rehabilitation, and utilizing data to maximize athletic performance.

Alex Headshot

Alex Sichky, MKin., CSCS

Alex moved to Calgary in 2020 after completing his undergraduate degree in kinesiology at Acadia university in Wolfville Nova Scotia. His time at Acadia was highlighted by 2 years strength and conditioning experience with the Varsity Men's Basketball and Football programs, as well as being the assistant / Defensive coach for the Acadia University Women's Hockey program.

After Moving to Calgary, Alex began to working with Winsport while completing his Master’s in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary with a focus on athlete strength and power development. After completing his master’s degree, Alex continues to practice his passion of developing athletic excellence through sport science and optimizing return to sport following acute knee injury.

You can find Alex working with Athletes returning to sport after injury, as well as winter and field sport athletes such as Hockey, Ski/Snowboard, Soccer, and Football.

Jenna Headshot

Jenna Tilbury, BSC., KIN

Jenna Tilbury has been a strength coach at the PTC since October 2022. 

Jenna graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2021. Throughout her degree, Jenna focused on strength development & injury prevention/rehabilitation.

She has worked with a multitude of youth & high-performance athletes from varying sport backgrounds including Hockey, Soccer, Downhill ski racing, volleyball, track & field and basketball.

Jenna has a passion for educating athletes on the importance of becoming & staying strong to prevent injuries & excel at their sport. Her areas of expertise include strength development, injury prevention/rehabilitation and mobility training.

Jordan Headshot v2

Jordan Evison, BSc.Kin, CSEP, CPT

Jordan Evison is a graduate of the University of Victoria with a Bachelor in Kinesiology and is currently pursuing a Master of Strength and Conditioning.

Jordan gained experience during his degree, working with the UVic Varsity department, assisting in program development, delivering weight room session, and performance testing with the varsity men’s rugby, men’s soccer, as well as men’s and women’s basketball.

Since started with Winsport in January 2023, Jordan has taken over as lead Strength and Conditioning Coach for Calgary’s NWCAA hockey division. Here he works closely with 10 teams and over 200 athletes, managing in-season training, and balancing busy athletic schedules with strength training.

Kevin Bailie, MKin, CSCS, CSEP-CEP

Kevin is a passionate Strength and Conditioning Coach with an interest in bridging the gap between sports science and application to best enhance athletic performance in athletes of all levels. He has built a breadth of knowledge regarding the interaction and adaptation of various physiological systems during exercise through school and work opportunities.

As a former athlete, and current recreational athlete himself, Kevin takes pride in the process of building a strong physical foundation in various muscle capacities and skillsets to prepare an athlete not only for competition, but for a high quality of life outside of sport too. He has years of experience working with athletes of all levels and sports ranging from the developmental to pro level. Through this experience he has developed a multifaceted approach to training, which can take performance to the next level.

Julian Headshot

Julian Benner, BSC

Julian is one of the Strength and Conditioning coaches in the PTC, having joined the team in June 2023.

Growing up, Julian focused his training efforts on hockey in which he competed for the Northwest Calgary Flames before spending time in the BCHL with the Alberni Valley Bulldogs. Following his career in hockey, Julian turned his focus to strength and conditioning where he continued to learn the techniques of Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and general movement patterns involved in building strength and muscle mass. During this period, he also attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Project Management.

Currently, Julian spends his personal time strength training and competing in endurance cycling events, as well as attending jiu jitsu classes with friends and spending time away from the gym with family. He’s passionate about sport and loves working with athletes from all backgrounds to help them achieve their athletic goals.

Mantas Headshot v2

Mantas Cepaitis, BHPE

Mantas started as a strength and conditioning coach at WinSport’s Performance Training Centre in July 2023. He has played and competed at a high level of soccer for the majority of his upbringing which then introduced him to a lifelong passion for coaching and developing athletes. 

Mantas recently graduated from Mount Royal University with a bachelor's degree in health and physical education in 2023. His education has helped him further expand his knowledge to better understand how to improve athletic performance, reduce athletic injuries, and teach lifelong movement skills. 

Within his free time Mantas continues to pursue his passion for sport and adventure, exploring new fitness trends, and seeking more knowledge to better assist the people's lives he’s impacted.