WinSport is pleased to be home to world-class freestyle facilities, allowing training opportunities all year long. 

Winter facilities
Our winter freestyle facilities are home to many great teams and clubs, and the proud venue of several competitive events. While many of our facilities are only available to NSO or PSO affiliated clubs, our west terrain park and XL halfpipe are open to the public with an Advanced Access ticket or pass.

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Summer facilities
This area of our property near the base of the zipline tower includes summer training venue for intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders to train during the off-season. This rare outdoor environment consisting of a dry slope, super tramp and airbag, allows developmental athletes in freestyle sports to continue to build their skills in preparation for the upcoming winter season. WinSport is proud to be home to one of the most unique summer training venues of its kind in North America. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What freestyle facilities does WinSport offer?

A: WinSport has several freestyle facilities.


  • Hybrid airbag
  • Halfpipe airbag
  • Mogul development
  • XL slopestyle course
  • XL halfpipe
  • West terrain park


  • Summer dryslope
  • Summer flat airbag
  • Outdoor super trampoline


  • Frank King Day Lodge
Q: Are these facilities open to the public?

A: The west terrain park and XL halfpipe can be used by the public. To access these facilities, you must purchase an Advanced Access ticket or pass (in addition to your standard hill ticket or pass).

Located on the west side of the hill, the Advanced Terrain Park requires expert/advanced skiing and riding skills. Please note that waivers will be required to access these features. Snowsport helmets are mandatory in the Advanced Terrain Park.

All other facilities are restricted to:

Q: How do I register in a WinSport freestyle program?

A: Have a look at our programs, then register online! WinSport offers freestyle programs all year long. To see upcoming programs, click here.

Q: Who should I contact if I want to book space for my freestyle club, or if I have questions about your freestyle facilities?

A: Email us at [email protected].

Q: What is a dry slope?

A: A dry slope is a unique man-made terrain-based progressive learning platform. It's made of plastic bristles, which mimic the properties of snow under skis and boards. It will create a year-round opportunity for athletes to train in their winter sport. 

 dry slope bristle materia

Q: What is a super trampoline?

A: The super trampoline or 'super tramp' is a large trampoline built into the ground. Athletes refine their air awareness and learn new tricks on the super tramp before progressing to the airbag or snow. Our outdoor super tramp provides a supervised environment for athletes to refine their skills.

Q: What is an airbag?

A: An airbag is a giant inflatable bag that skiers and snowboarders land on while practicing skills on a jump. Athletes and coaches break down aerial skills into smaller steps, and practice in this lower-consequence landing environment allows for increased repetition. Airbags are an essential training tool to help athletes safely learn and refine their tricks before taking them to snow.

Thanks to the Parks Foundation Calgary, the Daffern Family, Calgary Foundation and ATCO Energy for making the Dry Slope project a reality. Since 2019, WinSport has been working with community partners to bring this Freestyle Training Facility to fruition. View WinSport's supporters. 

WinSport Dry Slope