What is the Advanced Terrain Park?

The Advanced Terrain Park requires expert/advanced skiing and riding skills and is located on the west side of the hill. Available for ages 6 and above. The Advanced Terrain Park includes: 

  • The West Terrain Park (rails and slopestyle jumps)
  • XL halfpipe (22-foot tall, 120-foot long)
  • XL Slopestyle course.
    • Note: The XL Slopestyle course is now only available through private booking to qualified athletes, clubs, provincial teams, and national teams. No public access.


Please review the information below to help ensure you have a safe and fun experience.


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Safety and Risk Awareness

Advanced Terrain Park Features

skiier exiting a rail at the alpine hill at winsport

West Terrain Park

Medium to Large Rails

  • Primarily jump-on rails, a few ride-on rails
  • Includes boxes, handrails, and tube rails
  • Difficult features, progressing in difficulty

Large Jumps

  • Ranging from approximately 25-40 feet
  • More difficult features
Skiier catching air on WinSports world cup half pipe

XL 22 foot Halfpipe

  • 22 foot halfpipe
  • Advanced & experts only (unless with a qualified coach or instructor)
  • Most difficult features
skiier doing a backflip off a slopestyle jump at winsport

XL Slopestyle Course - No public access

  • Largest size features & jumps
  • Jump-on rails with gaps & narrow surfaces
  • Advanced & expert only and only with a qualified coach
  • Most difficult features

Be Park Smart  

  • Read and be familiar with the Alpine Responsibility Code.
  • Use of the Advanced Terrain Park involves risk of injury. The participant controls the degree of risk they will encounter in using the features in the Advanced Terrain Park.
  • The participant should not attempt any of the features, or any trick or airborne/aerial maneuvers on the features, unless the participant has sufficient ability and skill to do so safely. The participant must always stay in control and within the participant’s ability.
  • Snowsport helmets are mandatory in the Advanced Terrain Park.


Know & Manage The Risks

As with many adventure sports, skiing and snowboarding in the Advanced Terrain Park involves the risk of injury, including serious injury, head injury, paralysis, or death. The risk of injury increases with the size and degree of difficulty of the feature and terrain and the participant’s launch speed and complexity of trick or airborne/aerial maneuver. Although the risk of injury can never be eliminated, the participant can manage the risk by:

(i) choosing features and terrain, and only attempting tricks or airborne/aerial maneuvers, appropriate to the participant’s skill and experience;

(ii) progressing slowly and methodically; and 

(iii) participating in programs and training under the supervision of an instructor or coach with appropriate training and skill.


Practice Park Etiquette

  • Keep landings and knuckles clear. Clear the landing to avoid collisions. Do not stop or sit in a landing, knuckle, bottom of roller, or anywhere that you are not visible to skiers/riders uphill from you. If you need to stop or take a break make sure you are visible and can be seen from above.
  • Do not ski/ride through landings. When not using features, stay off to the side of the trail, out of the way.
  • Use features in the manner in which they are intended. Don’t jump off the sides of the takeoffs. Save the takeoff lips for people who want to ride the feature correctly. Practice riding on small jumps or rollers instead.
  • Do not “snake” other skiers/riders. Be courteous of your fellow park skiers/riders and call your drops. Give people a decent amount of time and space when waiting to ski/ride a feature to avoid cutting other people off.
  • Slow down when exiting the terrain park.


Terrain Park Signs

Freestyle Terrain. STOP. READ THIS! Freestyle skills required.  PARK SMART. Start small. Make a plan. Always look. Respect. Take it easy.            


Advanced Terrain Park Tickets and Passes

  1. Winter Season Pass - Advanced Access
  2. Winter Ticket - Advanced Access


When will the Advanced Terrain Park open?

The opening date of each feature in the Advanced Terrain Park will be based on the completion date of each feature.

The West Terrain Park is expected to open in late December*

*subject to change based on weather and snow conditions

What happened to last years XL Park Pass?

It has been replaced by the Advanced Access Pass and Ticket.

Are helmets required in the Advanced Terrain Park?

Yes. Helmets are required for all skiers and riders using the Advanced Terrain Park. Helmets are also strongly recommended for all other ski and snowboard activities at Canada Olympic Park.

Who is required to have an Advanced Pass or Ticket?

Anyone who will be using any of the features, including athletes, coaches and public members, will be required to have an Advanced Access Pass or Advanced Access Ticket. This includes clubs, NSO/PSO Passholders, Canwest Passholders, and event attendees who will be accessing the facilities. 

How do I get access if I have a Standard Access Pass or Ticket?

If you have a Standard Access Pass and want to access the Advanced Terrain Park please call Guest Services at 403-247-5452 to upgrade to an Advanced Access Pass for an additional $25 charge. Winter day tickets can also be purchased. 

A signed waiver is required for each Pass or Ticket. 

Why is the Advanced Terrain Park an additional charge?

The Slopestyle, Halfpipe, and West Terrain Park courses are significant features and require ongoing investment. Each season, we subsidize the cost to operate these features. Your purchase of an Advanced Terrain Park Pass or Ticket is a nominal contribution to these world-class facilities.

The Advanced Access Pass and Ticket allows access to those with the appropriate skills and ability to use this specialized terrain.

What are the hours of operation for the Advanced Terrain Park?

West Terrain Park: Open during winter hill hours of operation.

XL Halfpipe: Closed Sunday and Monday for maintenance. Open Tuesday – Saturday during regular winter hill hours*.

XL Slopestyle: No public access. The course is available for private bookable training for NSOs, PSOs and external clubs only.


Winter Hill Hours of Operation*:        

  • Monday - Friday: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm 
  • Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

*subject to change.

Hours may vary due to conditions and competition schedules.

Will Passes and Tickets be checked to enter the Advanced Terrain Park?

Yes. The Advanced Terrain Park Pass and Ticket will be checked at a controlled entry point.

Is the Advanced Terrain Park Pass required during pre-event training and event competitions?

Yes, the Advanced Access Pass or Advanced Access Ticket is required for pre-event training and during event competitions for all features. An Advanced Access Ticket is required for each day of the competition if the Advanced Access Pass has not been purchased. A signed waiver is required for each Pass or Ticket.