Work at WinSport this summer!


It's National Volunteer Week, and that means we get another chance to celebrate the people who have made WinSport what it is today. 

You could say WinSport was built on volunteers, with over 10,000 people stepping up to dedicate their time to the '88 Olympic Games in Calgary 35 years ago. 

Now, as the temperatures rise and summer is on the horizon, our search for spring and summer volunteers begins! 

Lora Wheeler, the Coordinator of Volunteer Programs at WinSport says there are lots of volunteer opportunities for anyone looking to fill volunteer hours, or even just wanting to help out this summer!

"We are looking to grow our Event team, add to our Welcome Team and most importantly for the summer months, we are on the lookout for Junior Instructors for summer camps," she explained.

Some of these summer camps include hockey, ringette, mountain bike and sport/wilderness camps.

 Wheeler says that volunteering at WinSport means more than just racking up hours for school programs, it can also be a big help to your future and getting jobs in the future. 

“For our youth, it helps grow their resumes and will give them tools to bring into their future endeavours such as paid positions. It allows you to meet like-minded individuals within the community and can really help with future paid positions here at WinSport too! You’re able to assist guests in ways that impacts their time on site, as well as in life, and give back to the community.”

Lora is still relatively new to her position here at WinSport; so what would she say is her favourite part about working at WinSport? 

“Getting to be around all types of people; sporty or not! It gives me the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals from different ages, cultures, and interests. It’s a place that allows you to grow as an individual and it’s a place where you can be heard.”

If you're interested in joining the WinSport team, take a look at our Join Our Team page for more information!