Bike Tech Shop

General bike service inquiries. 

Phone: 403-247-5412

Email: [email protected]


Visit us at WinSport's Rental/Tech Shop for all your Bike Service needs. We offer most bike repair services from on-the-spot repairs to comprehensive bike tune-up services.



Please complete the online waiver prior to getting your bike serviced.



Bike Service Cost

Complete Bike Tune - $95
Bike Safety Inspection - $35
Cable Installation - $15
Patch Job (Per Tube/Tire) - $15
Tire/Tube Change (Per Tire) - $10
Adjust Gears - $20
Adjust Brakes - $20
Brake Bleed (Per Brake) - $35
Derailleur Alignment - $30
Wheel True - $30
Wheel Build - $80
Install Grips - $10
Install Chain - $20
Bottom Bracket Repack - $40
Front Hub Repack - $25
Rear Hub Repack - $30
Headset Repack - $30
Fork Rebuild - $70

Pricing is for service costs only and does not include cost of parts (GST not included).

Pricing is subject to change without notice, different pricing may apply to specialist bikes.

Pricing may also vary depending on the condition of your bike when it is dropped off. 


We have a limited inventory of replacement parts, so we recommend you call ahead if you're interested in getting any major servicing done on your bike that requires replacement parts.