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General bike service inquiries. 

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Visit us at WinSport's Rental Shop for all your Bike Service needs. We offer most bike repair services from on the spot repairs to comprehensive bike tune-up services. We have a limited inventory of replacement parts, so we recommend you call ahead if you're interested in getting any major servicing done on your bike.  

Bike Services:

Service Cost:

 Complete Bike Tune  $95
 Bike Safety Inspection  $35
 Cable Installation  $15
 Patch Job (Per Tube/Tire)  $15
 Tire/Tube Change (Per Tire)  $10
 Adjust Gears  $20
 Adjust Brakes  $20
 Brake Bleed (Per Brake)  $35
 Derailleur Alignment  $30
 Wheel True  $30
 Wheel Build  $80
 Install Grips  $10
 Install Chain  $20
 Bottom Bracket Repack  $40
 Front Hub Repack  $25
 Rear Hub Repack  $30
 Headset Repack  $30
 Fork Rebuild  $70


*** Pricing is for service costs only and does not include cost of parts (GST not included).

*** Pricing is subject to change without notice, different pricing may apply to specialist bikes.

*** Pricing may also vary depending on the condition of your bike when it is dropped off.