A day in the life of WinSport’s Early Explorer’s program: the birdhouse

One morning as we arrived at class we found a large pile of blocks and other materials on the table. Kinsey (our bird puppet) had a challenge for us, could we build him a home?

A student of WinSport's early childcare program, Early Explorers, builds a birdhouse.
A student of WinSport’s early childcare program, Early Explorers, builds a birdhouse.

We started to work, we drew plans, we built models and we talked about what we would make our birdhouse out of. Would it be made from wood? Would it be a nest? After a few weeks of planning and deliberation, we finally settled on building a birdhouse out of wood. Once we decided on wood, we ran into another problem! How would we attach all the pieces of wood together? One boy suggested using a hammer and nails. There, now we have a plan!

When we arrived the next week, we used all the wood scraps we could find to test out different designs. We experimented with how the pieces fit together and came up with several options for a birdhouse. We voted on our final design and got to work. Before we could put our plan into action, we had to learn tool safety. So, we sat together and came up with an agreement on how to be safe with our hammers. Remembering to keep space, watch where you’re hammering and only go one at a time, were among many of the suggestions on how we would keep everyone safe. Now we were ready! Each of us took turns to hammer in one nail at a time. It was hard work, but we kept at it and finally, we had a beautiful birdhouse for our friend Kinsey. Piper had an idea though – the bird house wasn’t finished because it needed to be decorated! We made a plan to paint it the following week and hang it outside.

Although it was a big undertaking, we all worked together to achieve a common goal. We also embraced taking a risk – we learned how to safely use a real tool. Allowing children to take risks builds them into capable and confident learners in their future. Using our muscles, motor skills and creativity, we learned so much building a bird house together.

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