Freestyle Ski and Snowboard

Athletes with intermediate or advanced trampoline skills can use the Freestyle Training Facility with a coach present or through participation in a registered program at WinSport.

Access to the general public is not available at this time. 

Before You Arrive

Please arrive 30 minutes early on the first day of your program. Please ensure you come prepared with the following:

  • All required waivers completed 
  • Appropriate clothing and equipment, including a suitable face covering
  • Documentation for the Restriction Exemption Program (more details below)

Waivers Are Required to Participate

It is critical that you complete your waivers in advance of arrival. 

Please use the same e-mail address you used to book your lessons to sign in to complete your waiver.

Participation in WinSport’s Freestyle Clubs programs, camps, or sessions (the Program”) is subject to completion of WinSport’s Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreements (the “Waivers”) by the participant or their parent/legal guardian prior to the first day of the Program. PLEASE READ THESE WAIVERS CAREFULLY! By signing, you will waive or give up certain legal rights including the right to sue for negligence, breach of contract, or breach of the Occupiers’ Liability Act or claim compensation following an accident. In the event the Waivers are not completed, participation in the Program shall not be permitted and a refund will be provided. 

All required Freestyle waivers can be found here. 


COVID-19 Information

During check in all participants will be asked to provide the following:

  • Proof of vaccination or proof of a privately paid negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of entering the facility, for everyone aged 12 or older; and
  • Valid ID for those aged 12 and older (with photo ID required for those aged 16 and older). 

Face coverings are required for those aged two and up in our indoor areas as per the Provincial Order. Face coverings may only be removed when engaged in physical activity,  when seated/standing at a table within a food & beverage outlet, or while sitting in the stands when eating or drinking food purchased at the facility. In outdoor areas, the use of face coverings/masks is highly recommended in congested areas or where physical distancing isn’t possible.

We continue to clean and sanitize high touchpoint surfaces and recommend frequent handwashing and sanitization, as well as social distancing where possible. 

More information on WinSport’s Covid-19 policies

Dress for success

All athletes need to be layered head-to-toe in order to ride the airbag. All skin must be covered. Please bring the following:

Appropriate outerwear for all winter weather conditions. We suggest the following:

  • A wind and waterproof outer-layer shell (jacket and snow pants)
  • A warm and insulated mid-layer (wool, fleece, or down)
  • A moisture wicking base-layer (synthetic or wool)
  • Ski/snowboard socks, face warmer/buff, goggles, gloves and hand warmers.

Ski or snowboard equipment must be in proper working condition:

  • Equipment is appropriately sized, edges intact, waxed and sharpened as needed, bindings fit properly, etc.
  • Boots must be properly fitted and comfortable for riding.
  • Poles are highly recommended for ski programs

Requirements to use the airbag:

  • Skis and snowboards need to be detuned to reduce the risk of puncturing the airbag
  • No missing edges, burrs, or freshly sharpened edges
  • Comfortable athletic wear for indoor training
  • Additional layers to stay warm and dry
  • Face mask & personal hand sanitizer




 When You Arrive


Check in will take place at the top of the east stairs beside the flag court. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your program on the first day of check in to ensure an efficient check in process.

Please note: Our programs are offered based on existing and evolving COVID-19 guidelines. We will adjust our operations as required to ensure a safe experience for our program participants and Team Members.