The Haig

Who needs to travel to New Zealand or Europe when there’s a glacier in your backyard? Haig Glacier is located south of Canmore in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. The Haig is unique for its remoteness, high altitude, and snow coverage in the summer.

Beckie Scott High-Performance Training Centre

The Beckie Scott High-Performance Training Centre (BSHPTC) is a training camp found on Haig Glacier. Cross-country skiing athletes use the camp as a home base during the summer months. To reach the camp, athletes must hike or helicopter up the 3,075-meter summit of Mount Jellicoe. The camp features groomed trails, sleeping accommodation in dorms, and cooking facilities.



The BSHPTC has been operating since 1989. The facility is named after the Olympic and World Cup medalist and Nordic ski athlete, Beckie Scott. As one of Canada's most decorated cross-country ski racers, Scott advocated for clean sport and fair play, and empowered Indigenous youth through sports. You can learn more about her success and contributions here.