The Top Wedding Trends of 2024

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From florals to attire, here are this year’s top wedding trends for your upcoming nuptials

Whether you’re recently engaged, planning your wedding or just love following current wedding trends, here’s everything you need to know about this year's popular trends.

Grand Florals, Petite Bouquets

It’s safe to say that flowers have always been a prominent feature of weddings; however, over the last few years wedding flowers have bloomed to a whole new level. From massive bouquets and centrepieces to flower aisles and photo walls, florals have begun to overgrow our wedding budgets.

Florals can be a large piece of the budget that some bride-to-be’s may not anticipate. The good news? This year’s floral trends are encouraging less equals more. 2024’s wedding floral trends are all about making a big impact with fewer flowers. Mini-bouquets are growing in popularity for brides and bridesmaids and are a great way to save on the floral budget or to spend more money on the next floral trend: floral installations.



Instead of flower aisles, expect to see grand floral artistry in 2024, with flower arches and suspended floral ceilings that make a big impact on your wedding space and allow you to use fewer flowers elsewhere.


Bold and Unique Colour Palettes

Speaking of flowers, this next 2024 trend encompasses everything from floral choices to bridal party colours and decor. Bold and unique colours are in this year, with monochromatic colour choices growing in popularity also. Expect to see one bold colour dominate wedding spaces, whether it be the same shade throughout or different hues of the same colour, this unique trend is making an impression on brides everywhere and can be incorporated into wedding florals, decor and attire. If it’s not all one colour, bold and bright jewel tones and unexpected pastel combinations are the trend to follow in 2024!



Guest Colour Palettes

Wedding guests can also expect to be included in the wedding trends in 2024! Along with the unique and bold colour choices, asking guests to tailor their wedding attire around a specific colour or colour palette is among this year's trends. Whether to match a particular theme—which is becoming trendy, too—or just the bride and groom’s preferences for aesthetics, don’t be surprised if you receive a set of colour rules for their big day. Why not let the happy couple have their wedding cake and eat it, too?


Intimate Mix + Match Wedding Parties

In a trendy role reversal, wedding guests are being told what to wear, while bridesmaids and groomsmen are allowed to choose for themselves—with boundaries, of course. Rather than the traditional matchy-matchy wedding party attire, couples are allowing their nearest and dearest to choose their own outfit with the new mix-and-match bridal party trend.

Couples are also opting for more intimate wedding parties, with fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen or even none at all. For those who do keep the traditional wedding party, more and more couples are asking their wedding parties to sit during the ceremony, keeping the focus on the bride and groom. Expect to see an array of colours, textures and designs sitting in the front row this year, with the intimate mix-and-match wedding parties taking a seat to watch the magic happen.



Say Yes to the Dress(es)

Gone are the days of saying yes to only one dress. 2024 brides are embracing multiple outfit changes on their big days, choosing to change out of their wedding gowns after the ceremony and into something more comfortable for the reception and sometimes even into a third dress later on. From full bridal gowns during the ceremony to sleek sheaths for the reception and fun and flirty minis for the late-night party, this trend allows brides to enjoy their day comfortably and express themselves through fun variations of bridal wear—and we’re here for it!



Personalized Menus

Another personal touch trending for 2024 weddings is specially curated menus. Whether the menu caters to the couple’s dietary preferences or is inspired by past travels and everyday favourites, couples are putting more emphasis on offering unique food that aligns with who they are and helps tell their love story.


WinSport offers world-class catering for all of your special occasions. Photo Credits: WinSport


Late-night snack options are also growing in popularity, with couples hiring late-night food trucks or offering classic bar food for guests to enjoy all night long.



Couples are also stepping away from the traditional grand cake-cutting and opting for a smaller cake with extensive selections of individual-sized desserts. This 2024 trend is both delicious and practical, offering guests easy-to-eat hand-held desserts with something decadent for everyone. From fresh-baked cookies and churros to brownies and mini-donuts, couples are offering guests endless delicious options—In fact, some couples are even offering to-go boxes so their guests can enjoy the sweets afterwards.


Fun Beverage Choices

Similarly, couples are getting creative with unique beverage options—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. While signature his-and-hers cocktails have been popular for some time, we’re starting to see similar options for mocktails that offer non-drinking guests an elevated and unique experience. This growing trend is a small detail that is sure to make your underage or alcohol-free friends feel seen at your wedding.


Photo Moments

Weddings should be an unforgettable experience, so documenting the memories is essential. Nothing makes that easier than breathtaking photo moments, like champagne towers, neon signs, or the quintessential vintage exit car. Incorporating any of these trendy, photo-worthy moments is an unforgettable way to make and capture memorable moments throughout your special day and have something to always look back on to remember the finer details.



Sustainable Celebrations

Last but definitely not least: sustainable wedding celebrations. While sustainability isn’t a trend, making sustainable wedding choices is on the rise—and here to stay! From choosing locally sourced vendors to using virtual invitations and limiting waste as much as possible, hosting a sustainable wedding is easier and trendier than ever.

Whether you’re into these 2024 trends or prefer to take your wedding off the beaten path, we hope it turns out exactly as you’ve always imagined it and that your day is filled with magic and love.

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