An Interview with a Wedding Planner: Everything to Consider Before Your Big Day


Calgary-based wedding planner, Megan Sawchuk, shares her best advice from preparing checklists to not caring what others think.


Introducing Megan Sawchuk, a seasoned wedding curator and the visionary behind Megan Sawchuk Weddings. With a dedicated focus on crafting unforgettable wedding experiences across Calgary, the Rockies, and Alberta, Megan's expertise shines through every detail. Her passion for planning your dream day has earned her company an array of prestigious awards and accolades, such as being recognized as one of the Best Event Planners in Calgary by Best In Calgary and securing the runner-up position in Avenue’s 2024 Best Wedding Planners in Calgary. We sat down with Megan so that she could share her expertise on everything you should consider before your big day!


What is the most common thing couples forget to consider when planning their wedding?

I know that everyone says that the wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye, and that is definitely true! I always tell my clients to make sure that they take moments to pause and take it all in.

I also carve out space in our client timelines for the couple to have some time all alone. Some of the best moments for this are right after the ceremony, during a ‘first look’ or during the reception.


What is your best piece of advice for people planning a wedding?

A wedding should be all about the couple getting married. I always recommend that my clients take a deep breath and decide what is important to them and then use that as a guide when making the big wedding decisions. For some couples, sticking to traditions might be the most important thing, but for others it might make more sense to embrace newer traditions. That said,

this advice is easier said than done because I find that a lot of key players, outside of the wedding couple, have strong opinions about how a wedding “should” be.


What is your best tip for ensuring the day runs smoothly and stress-free?

Keep the logistics simple. The more complicated and the more people involved, the higher the chance that something will go wrong. Also, ensure to buffer some time in your schedule to reduce any stress and account for unexpected delays.


If you could make sure every couple did this ONE thing while preparing for their wedding, what would it be?

Don’t leave everything for the last two weeks before the wedding. This allows couples to be flexible and deal with any problems that will arise. It also gives them the opportunity to spend time with their family and friends in the days leading up to the wedding, instead of fussing over details.


What are some wedding traditions that you see becoming less popular?

I’m seeing fewer cake cuttings, bouquet tosses and garter tosses right now. I’m also seeing some traditions evolving. For example, I’m seeing many brides toss their bouquet to anyone who wants to catch it instead of only the single women.

What is one thing you think couples should have on them on the day of the wedding?

Bringing a good attitude on the day of your wedding may be the one thing that you need. Only you (and your wedding planner) know when something has gone wrong. Most of your guests won’t pick up on it, so you need to be a good actor and let it roll off your back. Often some of the best memories at weddings are the mistakes that the couple have rolled with and laughed about later.


How do you recommend couples stay organized with everything they’re planning?

Track everything! Put dates into your calendar for when items are due, block time to work on certain things and when you decide something, write down those details so that you don’t forget and can delegate them later. I recommend a timeline that lists all of the day's moments, when they should happen and who is involved. You should also create decor plans for where decor is placed, how you want it set up, who is bringing it, when it’s arriving and where it’s going at the end of the wedding (a detail couples often overlook)!

What do you think is the perfect wedding party size?

Typically, wedding parties of 2-3 people seem to work the best. That said, I have seen clients have 0-1 person in their wedding party all the way up to 7 people on each side and each was a good fit for those couples.

Just remember that the more people you add, the more your expenses may increase (e.g., the number of bouquets, gifts, attire, hair and makeup, etc.), and now you, as the couple, have more people to manage leading up to your wedding day.


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