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National Sport School

The National Sport School 25th Anniversary Gala has been postponed to the fall. A new date will be identified and promoted when appropriate.


At the National Sport School, we provide a supportive learning environment to enable developing high-performance athletes to mature as self-directed, life-long learners while pursuing excellence in sport.


The National Sport School (NSS) was established in 1994 as a joint initiative between WinSport and the Calgary Board of Education (CBE). Students follow the CBE curriculum as outlined by The Government of Alberta.  NSS students learn and train at WinSport’s world class training and competition facility.

Who is our student-athlete?

The NSS is for student athletes in grades 9 – 12, who have begun to specialize in a sport. Currently at NSS there are student-athletes in 29 different disciplines, representing both summer and winter sports.

They have achieved a high level of regional or provincial success and are on the path to join the national development program in their discipline. Our student-athletes are focused year-round on improving their abilities.

Our Learning Environment

Our student-athletes are always on the go, traveling and training for competition. The NSS is designed to provide their education in the nimble environment they require, making use of a variety of distributed tools and resources that allow any time, any place access to learning.

Small classroom sizes allow us to deliver the personalized support that is required by each of our student -athletes. They develop a deep level of independent learning that is essential for the future post-secondary and high-performance athletes.

Our students annually outperform in both the acceptable and standard of excellence categories in every provincially administered assessment. Careful planning and monitoring of each student’s course work maintains consistent learning opportunity and the mechanics to apply principles in advance exams.  

If you are looking for an education that is offered in a supportive and flexible environment and that provides opportunity along with the pursuit of sport, the NSS may be the right solution.


When student athletes apply, an in-depth analysis is preformed on their physical literacy competencies and mechanics. This allows us to develop customized training programs that allow them to peak when needed. This is led by WinSport’s team in the Performance Training Centre.

WinSport’s purpose is to, “Inspire and activate human potential through the spirit of sport.”  WinSport’s high-performance facilities are where the world’s best come to train and compete.

The Group 23 medical clinic is on site, allowing student-athletes to recover in a supportive environment, allowing them to deal with physical and mental challenges often associated with injury and recovery.


Our Admissions committee reviews all applications in full. There are five steps to the admissions process. All five steps must be successfully completed in order. Please review the application form for applicable admission deadlines. 

The first step is completing the application and submitting it with a non-refundable deposit. 

Download our 2020/21 NSS Application Form  - DEADLINE IS NOW JUNE 1, 2020.
Please download to your desktop to complete.

In step two, the student will be asked to participate in an individual evaluation.

Step three includes personal interviews and a facility tour where you will be provided with additional information and will learn more about the NSS.

The fourth step is school enrollment and payment of program fees to secure your place in NSS.

The final step is completing the final registration and paperwork.

June 1, 2020.

Download our 2020/21 NSS Application Form
Please download to your desktop to complete.

Contact Us

Location: National Sport School
WinSport’s Markin and MacPhail Professional Building
110-151 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, Alberta  

Phone:  403-777-7329

Website: Calgary Board of education National Sport School

To receive more information about our school: Send your contact information to

Calgary Board of Education

  • Classes end at approximately 2:30 p.m. daily. This is 1 hour earlier than most CBE high schools, and allows students to build in time for homework or appointments.
  • Small class sizes allow for relationships to be built between students and teachers which is imperative to a students’ success.
  • Desire2Learn (D2L) access to course material anywhere, anytime! All course materials are downloadable.
  • Due dates can be discussed and negotiated between teachers and students.
  • Option to extend course work into Grade 13 to lighten the load each year to accommodate training and competition schedules.
WinSport and NSS are looking for perspective student-athletes in grades 9-12, who have begun to specialize in a sport or physical activity. Our student-athletes are focused year-round on improving their abilities. They are always on the go, traveling or training for competition and are looking for a nimble educational environment that will allow them to balance excellence in athletics, academics and personal growth and development. If you are a fit, the NSS can provide a flexible environment to enable you to be successful in your academics as well as your sport of choice.
The NSS has a multi-step application process to ensure that this is the right educational choice for you. Download our 2020/21 NSS Application Form
There is a non-refundable application fee of $250, that paid with your initial application. Annual program fees are $4,750. During the application process they are due after your individual evaluation (step 2), interviews and tours (step 3) are completed.