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Academy Refund Policy

1. Withdrawal from the program after first 10 days for any reason besides medical and/or relocation will result in a 0% refund (withdrawal must be for the entire season).

2. For withdrawals due to injuries and/or relocation, a refund will be processed under the following circumstances:
a. at the beginning of the month, if the event occurred at the beginning of the month,
b. the following month, if the event occurred after 10 days into the month,
c. supplementation of the proper documents.
3. No refund/credit will be processed for minor injuries that do not result in the absence from the program for the rest of the season

4. For extended illness, lasting more than 1 month, a doctor’s note is required and a credit will be issued for classes missed. A doctor’s note is required when the individual is healthy and allowed to return to activity.

5. Classes missed due to personal reasons, other activities, vacations, or short term illness (e.g. flu) are not eligible for credit/refund or make-up days in other classes.
For all Academy performance A & B team refund policies, please refer to your athlete handbook.
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