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Working and volunteering at WinSport
Join our team and help us inspire human potential through the spirit of sport. WinSport provides opportunities for Canadians of all ages and abilities to lead healthy, active lives through its world-class facilities and programming. Working or volunteering at WinSport means you get to be a part of the inspiration and join a team that is passionate about what they do while gaining valuable life skills. We are always looking for talented, enthusiastic and driven individuals to join our growing organization. WinSport values innovation, teamwork, sportsmanship and excellence in its team. If you are energetic and passionate about people, sports, fitness and providing exceptional experiences, then WinSport is for you!

We believe in being better than yesterday

Everything we do at WinSport is driven by being better than yesterday. From how we do our job, to how we collaborate with our fellow Team Members and most importantly, how we interact and help our guests – we want to always do it better than the day before.

We make it better together

Together, we welcome people to WinSport everyday and help them achieve their potential through the spirit of sport. We believe this is achieved by working in an environment that is safe, fun and respectful. We pride ourselves in taking initiative in solving problems so we can provide great experiences and inspire our guests to find their passion. We work as a team to help others grow, and we have fun doing it.

What we accomplish together

  • We teach more than 36,000 people to ski and snowboard annually.
  • We welcome over 40,000 school children from across greater Calgary to discover sport.
  • Each summer, we welcome 5,000 campers to our campus where we promote a healthy active lifestyle and build skills that allow them to succeed in life and sport.
  • More than 1.2 million people discover sport and participate in activities at our park every year.
  • 53 of our full-time Team Members have worked here longer than five years.
  • 17 of our full-time Team Members have worked here longer than 10 years.

Working Here

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