The Winsport Leadership Program is an interactive program provided as a part of the youth volunteer experience. To participate in the program, youth must be accepted as a volunteer and be active in their volunteer role.

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WinSport recognizes leadership as a valuable component of the youth volunteer experience and encourages youth to participate as active team members and leaders at WinSport. The Youth Leadership Program promotes growth and skill development necessary for successful youth leaders and ensures they are given the tools to succeed as volunteers at WinSport and as community members.

Leadership Training 

Volunteers between the ages of 13 -17 years of age are required to complete the Youth Leadership Training as a condition of volunteering. Upon completion of this program, youth are able to recognize the impact they can make as leaders and the difference they can make in their community.

WinSport’s Youth Leadership Training is open to volunteers who have applied and been accepted as WinSport volunteers.

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WinSport’s Youth Leadership Training Program is designed to support the youth's progress through their volunteer experience, with the end goal of becoming a paid team member.

The Program includes in-class training, with diverse experience and direct hands-on learning within the volunteer program. Youth will receive a certificate for each Leadership Level upon successful completion of the requirements. To be successful in the program, youth must actively participate, provide positive and engaging contributions, meet the expected competencies of the Leadership Levels, and be successful within their volunteer role.

Topics Covered in the Program
  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Personal Development and Wellness
  • Team Work
  • Diversity
  • Ethics/Integrity
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • Conflict Management
First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Result
Age 13 Age 14 Age 15 Age 16  
Introduction Open Learning Seeking Growth

Integration & Possible Hire

Hired as a paid team member


Expectations of Participants

At the beginning of each session, the participants will decide the guidelines for the group for the duration of the program. This is an opportunity for them to set the standards for themselves and others and help them participate in the leadership process fully and comfortably. With that in mind, there are general expectations for all volunteers that apply to the Leadership Program at WinSport:

All volunteers are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct while in the training program, as they would in their regular volunteer role.

Engagement – It is important that all youth participate as they feel comfortable. However, the Leadership Program is about pushing past limitations and thinking outside the box. There are various forms of activities, including discussions and high energy movements that create a sense of involvement. We encourage the youth to take ownership of their own experience.

Respect – All WinSport Team Members are expected to foster a respectful workplace environment. It is very important for the safety of the group to be mindful of others and ensure everyone feels respected and heard.

Be present – Throughout the session, volunteers will have in-class training/facilitation and volunteer projects and tasks. Successful participants are encouraged to see the value in the volunteer contributions they make, whether they are stuffing envelopes, cleaning up garbage, or asking guests to answer surveys.

  • Youth will recognize the impact they can make as leaders
  • Youth will gain an understanding of how they can make a difference.
  • Youth will be seen as engaged, active team members.
  • Youth will gain priority in available paid team member positions at WinSport
Youth Leadership Training Program Levels
  • The leadership program is designed based on age and experience. Exceptions may be granted where the volunteer meets the minimum age requirements and has experience in leadership and the curriculum content to bypass a level.
  • All levels of Leadership Training include a homework component. The homework will be minimal but is expected to be completed to successfully complete the training.
  • Volunteers must commit to a minimum of one season volunteering in addition to the completion of the certificate to be considered eligible to participate in the Youth Leadership Program. Minimum volunteer hours required within the season vary, depending on the volunteer position.



Minimum Age

 Class Content

In-class volunteer hours

Event/Activity Hours

Additional Information

 Leadership Level 1


9 Hours

9 Hours

5 Hours

Prep work, homework

 Leadership Level 2


6 Hours

6 Hours

9 Hours

Prep work, homework

 Leadership Level 3


4 Hours

8 Hours

9 Hours

Coaching/Mentorship meetings as required

Individualized program to support growth

Youth Leadership Committee


3-Hour meetings/month

120 Hours/year