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Newcomers Program

About the Program
WinSport is using our expertise in helping people discover snow and ice sports to integrate newcomers to Calgary. We will work to remove barriers to these programs, including the costs to help encourage newcomers of all ages to participate in skiing, snowboarding and skating lessons.

This year we are welcoming 200 newcomers into the program through working with the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association and the Centre for Newcomers.
Program Benefits
Newcomers Program at WinSport Newcomers Program at WinSport
Newcomers Program at WinSport Newcomers Program at WinSport
As an organization, we have learned the holistic benefits that sport can provide. Through our experience, there is lot to be learned from trying something new – failing and trying again, or achieving a personal best. We have introduced people to sport across our campus and have provided the guidance and abilities to push them to their personal podiums across the globe.

There are other organizations that use sport to help newcomers integrate. The difference is most of these programs are rooted in sports that are common in the homeland of newcomers. Our program helps newcomers overcome social and cultural issues. We will help them embrace one of the key hallmarks in Calgary the winter weather.

“  Calgary has been a city that has attracted newcomers from across the country and around the world. As Calgary welcomes people from regions around the globe, it is important for organizations like ours to play a part in ensuring that these families and individuals become part of the fabric that makes up this great city. We are doing this through something that we do well, which is helping people discover snow and ice sports. There is a ton of research that shows that sport can be a great opportunity to drive integration through a set of shared experiences and language.

The uniqueness of our opportunity is that the sports we are introducing allow newcomers to cope with our climate. Winter weather certainly defines and unites us as Canadians and Calgarians.

John Francis,
Director of Marketing, Communications and Sponsorship

How you can help
This year’s program is largely backed through private donations and grants. WinSport is looking to expand the program for years to come. If you or your company would like to support this initiative, please contect Judy Black, WinSport’s Fund Development Manager.

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