Early Explorers

Early Childhood Program - WinSport
Early Childhood Program - WinSport
Early Childhood Program - WinSport
Early Childhood Program - WinSport
Early Childhood Program - WinSport
Early Childhood Program - WinSport
There is no greater environment to awaken the potential of the human spirit than the natural world. With access to over 200 acres of land that WinSport calls home, there is no better place for young children to begin this journey. Early Explorers will spend the majority of their time playing and learning in the open grassland and woodland spaces surrounding WinSport’s Husky Gardens.  

The Early Explorers program builds on WinSport’s legacy of fostering resilient, confident, creative and self-directed individuals with some of our youngest of citizens aged 3-5 years old. Elements critical to the Early Explorers program include:

  • Commitment to outdoor play – Curiosity is what sparks our desire to learn. Early experiences with the natural world are positively linked to the development of imagination, creativity and a sense of wonder. Children learn best through play and educators support the interests and curiosities of the children.
  • A deep interest in movement – The program supports the whole child - social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. The program’s educators have a particular interest in understanding and supporting all areas of development in a child-led, emergent process. Movements explored in this program lead to the development of core strength and movement skills that are necessary to sport, health and wellness.
  • Emergent curriculum - Inspired by the Educational Project in Reggio Emilia, Italy, the Early Explorers program approach holds an image of the child as strong, competent and capable of directing their own learning. The curriculum begins with the child and is co-constructed between learners and educators. The program embraces the theory of the environment as the third teacher and educators are committed to creating rich learning environments both indoors and out through the use of materials both natural and man-made fostering creativity and multi-modal learning and exploration.
  • Supported risk taking – Risk taking can be defined as a thrilling and exciting activity, providing opportunities for challenge, testing limits, exploring boundaries. Supporting children in the cognitive processes of risk-taking fosters the development of critical thinking and life-long skills for resilient, bold and fearless leaders.
WinSport is now entering the space of Early Childhood! I had the pleasure to see the time, consideration, learning and effort that has been put into this space and into creating a unique program for Calgary children. WinSport has created an engaging program that will have children learning about the world around them with an emphasis on physical movement nestled in a space that only WinSport can offer. Children will be immersed in movement exploration and sport with a big outdoor component. I am personally excited for my own preschool child to experience this one of a kind program!

Jennifer Nahu


Communications - First 2000 Days Network
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Early Explorers Open House

Join us for an Open House to learn more about Early Explorers, WinSport's Early Childhood Development program.

Wednesday February 20th , 2019 • 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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Bring your child(ren) and meet the program leaders, explore the indoor and outdoor spaces where our child-led curriculum comes alive. Find out why other parents are raving about the program!

Come see our new space in the Early Explorers Trailer located between the Festival Tent and Bob Niven Centre. Parking is available for free in front of the Bob Niven Centre.

Please note printed tickets are not necessary for this event and register as one ticket per family.
Early Explorers – Ages 3-5

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Please Note: Children must be completely toilet trained to enroll in the Early Explorers program.