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Hours, Location & Class Schedule
Please note that on all statutory holidays we are open 9am - 3pm

Time Slots Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:15am   Lower S & C
Upper S & C
Cardio & Core Lower S & C Upper S & C  
8:00am   Lower S & C Cardio & Core Upper S & C Cardio & Core Upper S & C  
9:00am Upper S & C
Lower S & C Upper S & C Cardio & Core Lower S & C Upper S & C Cardio & Core
10:15am Cardio & Core
Cardio & Core
Upper S & C Cardio & Core Lower S & C Cardio & Core Upper S & C
12:00pm Upper S & C Lower S & C Upper S & C Cardio & Core Lower S & C Upper S & C Cardio & Core
2:00pm             Upper S & C
5:00pm   Lower S & C Upper S & C Cardio & Core Lower S & C Upper S & C  
6:15pm   Lower S & C Cardio & Core
Upper S & C
Cardio & Core Upper S & C  
7:30pm   Cardio & Core Upper S & C Cardio & Core Lower S & C Cardio & Core  
Circuit schedule alternates on a weekly basis. The schedule is updated for the following week on Sundays at 5:00 p.m.


Visit our membership options tab above.

Membership Option
  • Member commits to 12 months at $99*/month.
  • Cancellable upon 30 days written notice ($200 cancellation fee.).
  • 3 Under Armour team tops are provided as a welcome to the PTC.

  • 2. ANNUAL PLAN -
    • The WinSport Annual Family Membership * (purchased seperately) allows you to purchase a PTC Annual Plan Membership at 30% off ($69*/month).
    • All other features are consistent with the Annual Plan.
    ** The WinSport Annual Family Membership provides your family with exclusive year-round access to ultiple Winsport facilities and events, including the ski hill and mountain bike trails, and exclusive member pricing for visiting family and friends.
    • Member commits to 1 month at $129*/month.
    • No cancellation fee.
    • 1 Under Armour team top is provided as a welcome to the PTC.

    4. 2 WEEK TRIAL:
    • No commitment trial for $39
    • No cancellation fee
    • Unlimited access to training facilities and classes
    • Must follow PTC dress code

    What is Personal Training?
    Within the Performance Training Centre at WinSport, individuals can have a customized goal oriented training program created for them based on their individual training needs. Purchase individual or multiple sessions to ensure you reach your fitness goals. All sessions are $75/hour.
    Call Sport Services at 403.247.5405 or email  for more information.
    Looking to squeeze in a workout while your kids are skiing on the hill or playing on the ice? Our Drop-In (Single-Visit) and Multi-Pack punch card options provide you with the flexibility you need, without the commitment of membership.

    Drop-In and Multi-Pack options provide you with access to our worldclass training/weight room and cardio equipment, and Strength and Cardio classes. In addition, you receive complimentary access to the showers, steam room, day lockers and towel service.

    Single Visit: $25*

    Pack Options: 5 Pack $90   10 Pack $160*    20 Pack $280*
    All packs expire 1 year from purchase date.

    Multi-pack users receive one Under Armour team top and are expected to follow our Under Armour Team Uniform Policy. All PTC guests follow the PTC Code of Conduct.
    • Access to the training/weight room
    • Access to the cardio equipment
    • Access to Strength and Cardio classes
    • Access to the showers, steam room, day lockers and towel service
    • Online registration account for Strength and Cardio classes
    • Under Armour Tops/T-shirts
    As a member, you will receive online access to book entry to the Strength and Conditioning classes. This registration will close online 30 minutes before the start of the class. If there are spots available in the class you can show up a maximum of 30 minutes before the class to see if you can join. Entry to these available spots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    *All Prices are before GST
    Strength & Cardio Classes

    The Performance Training Centre offers intensive strength-focused classes that specifically target either the upper body or lower body on a rotating/every other day basis, finishing with core or energy system work. Our programming is designed to maximize your strength gains in the shortest time frame possible if the program is adhered to 2-3X/week maximum for both the upper and lower body. Our programs will change each month so you will continue to improve your overall muscular strength if you adhere to the recommended training guidelines.

    Month 3 - Maximize strength and get fast

    Lower and Upper Strength and Conditioning - An intensive lower or upper body (see schedule) resistance training workout designed to maximize strength and develop power. Core stability or energy system work (e.g. interval training) will complement the session..

    Cardio and Core - Improve your aerobic capacity and develop both speed endurance and pure speed this training phase by participating in sessions of steady-state/continuous aerobic exercise, or interval training sessions using a variety of exercise modalities (e.g. running, biking, rowing, skipping, track and stair workouts). As core stability is key to a healthy back, good overall movement mechanics and injury prevention, the session will also focus strongly on this training.

    Training Recommendations:
    • To maximize training benefits, attend 2 Upper Body and 2 Lower Body Strength Classes/week. Adaptations to resistance-based training (e.g. weight training) take place more readily when you exercise each body part twice per week.
      • NOTE: Please ensure that you rest for 48-72 hours between the same type of workouts to allow your muscles to recover and respond appropriately to the training.
        • See Mind-Body for updated class schedules and class information.
    • Attend at least 2 Cardio and Core classes/week, or consider steady-state aerobic exercise (e.g. continuous cycling, jogging, rowing at a moderate pace for 30+ minutes/session) at least 2+/week post- Strength classes or on non-class days to support your cardiovascular fitness, general recovery and overall wellness.
    • Strictly follow the guidelines provided by our Fitness Consultants as to sets, reps, tempo and rest, and how to progress your program so you improve as desired!
      • Key exercises will be repeated regularly so you achieve a more pronounced training effect.
      • Progress will be measured so you can appreciate the fruits of your workouts! Push yourselves each session to ensure you are progressively overloading your muscles and making gains. Fitness testing will take place to measure your progress and help you see the fruits of your hard work. Please visit Mind-Body for updates

    Facility Details
    PTC Facility Details CARDIO EQUIPMENT
    • WoodWay Treadmills
    • Keiser Bikes and Strider
    • Concept 2 Rowers
    • Jacobs Ladder
    All best-in-class, highly durable and accurate.
      PTC Facility Details STRENGTH EQUIPMENT
    • Hammer Strength Deluxe Squat Racks with Platforms
    • Eleiko Bumper Places and Bars (polyurethan coated).
    • Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Machines
    Eleiko Imported from Sweden; Hammer Strength the official supplier to all NFL, MLB teams; and the vast majority of NBA, NHL teams.
    Includes specially designed PAVI Flooring made in Italy, with movement patterns built in.
      PTC Facility Details
    Pneumatic cable machines using air
    pressure instead of weights or gravity
    for resistance.
    Equipped with rings, battle ropes, chin ups bars, dip bars, medicine ball platforms, and TRX bands.
    PTC Facility Details MMC ARENA AND TRACK
    Dedicated functional training area for sprint, strength and endurance-based activities.
      PTC Facility Details CIRCUIT FLOOR
    Dedicated functional training area for warm-up/cool down, footwork and plyo-metric drills, stretching, agility, and more.