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The WinSport Academy is home to the club and performance teams at WinSport. We are here to create a team of athletes with a positive outlook on training and competition, while developing a life-long love and respect for sport in its entirety.
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Our Club Teams
Club teams help skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers that have moved past the lesson stage and are looking for advanced coaching both here at WinSport and in the mountains. These individuals will build essential skills and have the opportunity to participate in competitions.
FreeSki Clubs
Snowboard Clubs
Alpine Racing Clubs
Mountain Biking Clubs
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Jumps & Bumps
Junior Snowboard
Recreation Teams (non-competitive)
MINI Freeride Team
Snowboard Riderz
Competitive teams Junior Freeride Team
Freeski C-Team Snowboard Rec
Senior Freeride Team
Freeski C-Team
Snowboard Freeride   Downhill (DH) C Team
Snowboard Cross Team    
  Snowboard C-Team    

For more information on our club programs please call us at 403-202-6550 or email at For club-specific dates and information, please click on a more information button above.
Our Performance Teams
The WinSport Academy Performance A & B teams train year-round with full-time coaches. These athletes travel provincially, nationally and internationally in a competitive stream to earn spots at Junior Nationals, Nationals, International Ski Federation (FIS) events, Nor-Ams, Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) ranked events, World Cups and the Canadian National Team.

Athletes on these teams are selected by our coaches and often are identified from our club teams.
For more information on our Academy teams please call 403-202-6591 or email at
Academy Athletes save money at Ski Cellar Snowboard
Ski Cellar Snowboard's Ride it! Return it!
Ski Cellar Snowboard offers a 2-year trade-in for junior equipment.
Details are as follows:

a) Junior Ski Packages*
You will receive 50% off your original purchase price towards your child's next equipment purchase for a period of two years on specified junior package skis, bindings and boots.

b) Junior Snowboard Packages*
You will receive 50% off your original purchase price towards your child's next junior snowboard and binding packages up to a maximum trade-in value of $150. For junior snowboard boots, you will receive 50% of your original price up to a maximum of $65.

*This applies to "new" ski or snowboard packages only. Please retain your original receipt. We will consider equipment purchased elsewhere for trade back. Not all junior equipment applies - please ask for further details.
Additional Savings
These discounts are ongoing and for athletes & coaches only. Athletes must provide a copy of their club registration to receive this discount.
*Ski or Snowboard athletes who are members of the WinSport Academy receive:
  • 20% off, or sale price, (whichever is greater) on clothing
  • 15% on accessories and equipment (does not include GoPro cameras)
  • 40% off race-level gloves and mitts
WinSport Academy Summer Camps

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