Updated: November 16, 2021

What you need to know to come to WinSport’s facilities

WinSport is working hard to keep our team members and guests safe while allowing participation in WinSport-operated activities and all external sport training. We require all users to be honest, cooperative, and respectful when entering and using our facilities.   

For the safety of our guests and team members, we are implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) for most WinSport-operated activities, including our ski and snowboard recreational facility. Additional COVID-19 measures are also in place. Please review the information below including the list of applicable facilities.   

WinSport has zero-tolerance for abuse of the exemption program, disregard for health and safety rules, and disrespect of our team members. We thank you in advance for doing your part to keep our facility safe and our operations going.  

Before coming to Canada Olympic Park, please see the detailed information below about our participation in the Alberta Government’s Restrictions Exemption Program and review the additional measures that we have put in place for access to:  

  • WinSport’s arena facility (including viewing areas)  
  • Performance Training Centre  
  • Bob Niven Training Centre  
  • Indoor dining facilities  
  • Frank King Day Lodge (including trampoline room) 
  • Winter ski and snowboard hill 
  • Tube Park 

General requirements include (please see detailed requirements below):  

  • Proof of two vaccinations (must be two weeks from the second shot) or proof of a privately paid negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of entering the facility, for everyone born 2009 or earlier; and  

  • Valid ID for those born 2009 or earlier (with photo ID required for those aged 16 and older).  

Face coverings are required for those aged two and up in our indoor areas as per the Provincial Order, with the exceptions listed below. We continue to clean and sanitize high touchpoint surfaces and recommend frequent handwashing and sanitization, as well as social distancing where possible.  

  • Full vaccination (2 doses) is required. It must be two weeks from the second shot.


  • Valid Government of Alberta COVID-19 Immunization Record which includes QR Code
  • A picture or paper record of a valid First Nations immunization record prominently displaying the name of the recipient, type of vaccine and date of administration
  • An immunization record from another Canadian province or territory displaying the name of the recipient, type of vaccine, date of administration, with a QR Code;
  • Canadian Armed Forces immunization record, displaying the name of the recipient, type of vaccination and date of administration

Note: Falsifying health records is an offense under the Health Information Act.

International Travellers: 

  • A valid immunization record displaying the name of the recipient, type of vaccine, and date of administration
  • Valid international travel identity document  

 If you are unable to provide proof of vaccination, you must provide proof of a privately paid negative PCR or rapid COVID-19 test 

  • Test collection time must be within 72 hours of entering the facility 
  • Provide a current test upon each entry 
  • Test must be approved by Health Canada 
  • Tests from AHS or Alberta Precision Laboratories not accepted 
  • You must bring in a written lab report that matches your name that clearly outlines the laboratory that completed the test, the type of test, time of sample collection, and a clear indication of a negative result 
  • DO NOT bring in a rapid test kit 

NOTE: Due to the negative test requirements, front-line staff may be required to call a supervisor to review the test. Please allow additional time to access the facility if you intend to rely on a negative test result. 

Guests will not be granted access to WinSport’s facilities without proof of vaccination or negative test, along with ID for those born 2009 or earlier (those 16 years of age or older must provide photo ID). There are NO exceptions. 


You must show proof of a privately paid negative COVID test if you are not vaccinated for any reason. Given the number of people that interact within these facilities, the nature of the activities, and the risks associated with the Delta variant, all medical exemptions are being accommodated by the provision of a negative test by the individual. There is no need to show proof of medical exemption. 

  • Youth aged 12-15 are required to show ID, which does not require a photo at this time.  Acceptable forms of ID for those 12-15 include:
    • Birth certificate
    • Health card
    • Passport
    • Alberta Government ID
  • We are requiring photo ID for individuals 16 years of age and older to maintain the integrity of the program. Accepted photo ID includes: 
    • Birth certificate issued by a government of a province of Canada and including the photograph of the holder; a birth certificate without a photo is valid for those 12-15 
    • Citizenship card; 
    • Driver’s license issued by a government of a province of Canada and including the photograph of the holder; 
    • Government (Alberta or other) issued identification cards, including health care; 
      • Certificate of Indian Status; 
      • Métis Nation of Alberta Association citizenship and identification card; 
      • Inuit Status card; 
      • Passport attesting to citizenship or other national status, issued by a government of any jurisdiction and including a photograph of the holder; 
      • Permanent Resident Card. 

The Government’s Restrictions Exemption Program requires vaccinations that are approved by the World Health Organization. These are: 

  • AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria) - 2 shots* 
  • Covishield (Oxford/AstraZeneca formulation) - 2 shots* 
  • Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) - 2 shots* 
  • Moderna (SpikeVax) - 2 shots* 
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) - 1 shot 
  • Sinopharm/Covilo - 2 doses* 
  • Sinovac CononaVac - 2 doses* 

*It must be at least two weeks since the second vaccination.


We require face coverings to be worn by all individuals aged 2 and up in all public areas in WinSport's indoor facilities in accordance with the Provincial Order. This includes dressing rooms. Masks may only be removed when engaged in physical activity and when seated/standing at a table within a food & beverage outlet or while sitting in the stands when eating or drinking food purchased at the facility. Other exemptions may apply to a particular event, such as a wedding ceremony. 

In outdoor areas, the use of face coverings/masks is highly recommended in congested areas or where physical distancing isn’t possible.


Proof of two vaccinations (it must two weeks from the second shot) or a negative COVID test will be required to access any entry point to the ski and snowboard hill and/or tube park. The REP rules impact pass holders, day ticket purchasers, program/lesson registrants, and club members who were born in 2009 or earlier. A child born in 2010 or later must be accompanied into the REP recreation area by a parent/guardian who qualifies for entrance under the REP program and who is responsible for the child while they are on site.

In outdoor areas, the use of face coverings/masks is highly recommended in congested areas or where physical distancing isn’t possible.


A participant cannot attend WinSport's lessons or programs if they are ill.

We encourage participants to complete the Alberta Health Services (AHS) self-assessment if the participant or a member of their household has any symptoms or feel unwell and follow guidelines provided for self-isolation and testing. See the AHS self-assessment tool.

If the lesson participant is required to miss a lesson, please see our cancellation policy for further details.


Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test will be required to access the viewing (spectator) areas of the arenas as per the Restrictions Exemption Program. Masks are required in this area and no outside food or beverage is permitted. 


No outside food and beverage is permitted at this time (the exception is athletes/participants using water bottles, etc., during physical activity). 

Food and beverage purchased onsite (vending machines, Garden Café & WinSport Hockey House) may only be consumed in the following locations: 

  • While seated or standing at a table provided for consumption 
  • While seated in the viewing stands 

*Food and beverage cannot be consumed in hallways or concourse areas. 


Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test will not be required by WinSport to enter Group23 Sports Medicine. Please use the Group23 entrance at the far right (as indicated by signage) to access Group23. You cannot access Group23 through WinSport’s REP screening entrance.