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Foot Pass and Foot Traffic - NEW
Effective December 10, 2018





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WinSport continues to focus on becoming the pre-eminent learning hill in the greater Bow Valley region.

In order to support this, we have made investments to expand our beginner terrain to provide a variety of slopes and ensure that we have several magic carpets to meet the needs of our guests.

As we made this investment in this area, we continue to support the WinSport ski school lessons and individuals looking to instruct their own family members and friends on foot.

We have experienced significant growth in our snow school programs which, on busy days, leads to a significant number of guests in the beginner area. During these busy times, guest instruction on foot creates some challenges to our participants and instructors trying to navigate terrain during lessons.
We have also received feedback from guests on foot that these times are challenging for them as well. Given the number of lesson participants exploring terrain and the congestion that it creates, being able to follow their son/daughter safely is a challenge.

As a result, we are making a change to our on-foot instruction.
  • On-foot instruction will not be permitted on weekends, holidays and PD days.
  • On-foot instruction will only be permitted on regular weekdays on the bronze and silver terrain.
  • A valid ticket or pass will be required for both the learner on snow and the individual accompanying them on foot.
    • The guest on foot can purchase a foot pass, foot season pass or any winter season pass.
No, parents who wish to watch lessons may do so from three areas:
  • Beginner drop-off areas
  • Deck around and in the red school house
  • Back deck located behind the Daylodge
Through our experience, we have learned that children in lessons perform and learn best when they engage exclusively with their instructor. While the lessons are focused on developing skiing and snowboarding skills, we also focus on developing independence and resiliency among our participants.

We also have a significant number of participants that are new to a ski hill and although they may see you, their skill level is not advanced enough to avoid you on the hill. This could lead to an injury for either yourself or the lesson participant.

No, you are not considered foot traffic. We would ask that you make your best effort to do this in an area of the hill that is not congested with lesson participants or other guests.

So, our three key asks are:
  • Choose an area with limited traffic and features
  • You must have your skis or snowboard. Our expectation is that you have only taken off your equipment for a limited time while providing some instruction.
  • You and the individual you are instructing must have a valid lift ticket or season pass (i.e. you cannot use a foot pass for this)
You are more than welcome to access the bronze and silver carpets and their associated terrain on regular weekdays. This excludes PD days and holidays.

You will need a valid foot pass ticket to access these areas which can be purchased from Guest Services.

You will not be permitted to access any other terrain on foot.

You can accompany a family member or friend to lesson check-in. After check-in we would ask that you would then proceed to one of our three parent zones to view the lesson.
We are working to meet the needs of all our guests.

Due to the number of participants in lessons on weekends, holidays and PD days, we do not feel that we can provide a space that is beneficial for both our lesson participants and guests wanting to access terrain on foot.

Therefore, given the larger number of lesson participants we have chosen to no longer permit foot traffic on these days.
The terrain in bronze and silver during a regular weekday is large enough to accommodate both on-foot instruction and WinSport snow school lessons. The slope in these areas has been built to limit speed and is adequate to learn on. It does not require our guests on foot to gain a significant amount of speed to keep up with the individual that they are teaching on this terrain.

The gold carpet accesses a significant part of the hill that is used by many of our guests and includes varied terrain to the east. Therefore, we want to ensure that it is free and clear, so guests and lesson goers can progress down this slope without any issues.

In addition, due to the slope in this area the speed a skier can pick up on the gold terrain is much faster than bronze or silver. The increased speed that is required to keep up by our guests on foot can result in more slips and falls. To limit the possibility of injury, we are limiting foot traffic to bronze and silver.

Guests are welcome to put on their skis or snowboards to accompany a child down the gold terrain any day of the week. Just a reminder that a valid hill pass is required if you are using equipment.
We have done our best to reach out to our guests that have purchased foot passes for the season. If we missed you we would ask that you reach out to our Guest Services team at 403-247-5452 Ext. 4 or send us an email at and we will outline your options.
On your first incident without a valid ticket we will ask you to visit our Guest Services team in the Frank King Day Lodge to purchase a foot pass or other valid ticket to access the silver or bronze on-foot instruction area.

On additional incidents, you may be asked to leave the hill and it may result in a suspension from the hill.
You can visit our hill report page Please refer to the on-foot instruction tab which will indicate access for the bronze and silver terrain.

Please note both the individual on snow and participant on foot will require a valid ticket to access these areas.

If you have any further questions, please call our guest services team at 403-247-5452 Ext. 4.
A daily foot pass is $11.99 and can be purchased directly from our Guest Services team located in the Frank King Day Lodge.
This change is in effect beginning December 10th, 2018.