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Athletic Development


The Bob Niven Centre is now open to youth ages 12-18. The facility has been upgraded and now offers a variety of services to developing athletes. Athletes 12-13 can only access the gym with coach supervision. For more information on membership options, call Sport Services at 403-247-5405.

Membership Options
10 Punch Pass
Coach Membership Complimentary with team purchase*

*Sport Coach membership is included with proof of team purchase. Access to the facility will ONLY be granted following receipt of written consent and confirmation by the given sport organization as to their approved coaching roster, as well as the roster of athletes the given coach is responsible to supervise. External strength & conditioning coaches are prohibited from training youth teams and athletes within the facility.

Athlete Development
  • Customized approach to programming and services
  • Programming to be built in conjunction with team’s Yearly Training Plan
  • Driven by the Long Term Athlete Development framework
  • Innovative, dynamic and highly trained team of Strength & Conditioning Coaches under the direction of our Athlete Development Specialist, Tara McNeil, BSc., MKin
  • World class training environments both indoors and outdoors


The Bob Niven Centre Gymnasium can be configured for either two volleyball courts, one basketball court, three badminton courts, two middle size indoor soccer courts. You can do it all in the Bob Niven Centre Gymnasium, such as floor hockey, dodge-ball, soccer, flag football and a wide range of other indoor activities.

The Bob Niven Centre Gymnasium features hardwood flooring.

  • Dimensions: 50' X 75'
  • Square feet: 486m2
  • Ceiling Height: 23ft
  • Features : hardwood flooring, dividable in half.
  • Rate: $90/hour
Bookings guidelines:
WINTER SEASON (September - March) -  REQUEST DATE : March 1
SPRING / SUMMER SEASON (April - August) - REQUEST DATE : September 1

For booking inquiries please call Sport Services at 403-247-5405 or email