Ages 8 - 14

Develop skills in the terrain park and train in a fun, competitive freestyle environment with our Grom Development Freestyle teams!

Our experienced and passionate coaches give athletes the tools to progress in the park while training in a safe and fun environment. Athletes in our Grom development program are exposed to different training venues such as the airbag, trampoline and superpipe to build well-rounded riding skills.

This program includes two mountain days, three competitions, and tons of on-snow training with a team of dedicated athletes!

Ski Freestyle Grom Development - 7/8

Our Grom Development Freestyle ski program introduces and develops skiers beyond the basics of competitive freestyle skiing. Our coaches will progress the athletes into riding larger features and trying more advanced tricks while training for clubs level events.

Athletes will require a strong base of fundamental skiing skills on groomed and varied terrain to compliment their freestyle development.

Stronger development of athleticism and mental preparedness at this level will prepare athletes to move forward in their skiing career.
Athletes are in the “Learn to Train” phase of their long-term athletic development.


Riding skills:

  • Confidently ski black terrain in the mountains.
  • Comfortable riding all small and medium terrain in the WinSport terrain park.
  • Comfortable switch skiing on green terrain.
  • Can ski a beginner/ intermediate mogul run


  • Can do a grab
  • Spin a 180 in different directions on small jumps
  • Spin a 360 on small/medium jumps
  • Can hit a medium/large sized jump


  • Hit small/medium sized features sideways
  • Switch on and off boxes


  • Can ski comfortably in the superpipe and choose an appropriate line
  • Can maintain a stacked body position


  • Can demonstrate basic trampoline skills and tricks

Key Goals

Athletes can prepare for upcoming events and show a focused training mindset*

Riding skills:

  • Confidently ski all types of terrain in the mountains
  • Comfortable skiing all medium to large terrain in the WinSport terrain park.
  • Switch ski over both shoulders on green and blue terrain
  • Ski an intermediate mogul run with basic tricks


  • Can perform multiple different grabs
  • Spin a 180 in different directions on medium jumps
  • Spin a 360 on medium/large jumps
  • Hit a large sized jump comfortably


  • Hit medium sized rails comfortably
  • Exit a rail riding switch


  • Can ski comfortably in the superpipe and choose an appropriate line
  • Can maintain a stacked body position
  • Can do basic tricks and spins in different directions below the lip of the pipe
  • Able to air out of the pipe


  • Refining basic air awareness through bed tricks, spins and trick progressions, introduced to inverts


  • Three competitions
  • Two mountain training days

Equipment Required

  • Properly sized twin-tip park skis
  • Properly fitting ski boots appropriate for freestyle riding
  • Appropriate outerwear and layers for all conditions
  • Properly maintained equipment
  • Ski poles


  • A valid season pass is required for these programs.
  • Please note as a member of our club program you are eligible to purchase a youth season pass at the early bird rate upon registration.
  • Proof of up-to-date athlete (NSO/PSO) membership through Freestyle Canada is required to participate.



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Freestyle Waivers

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