Ages 8 - 14

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Offseason Freestyle Snowboard - Level Trampoline & Dryland

This program is focussed on preparing freestyle snowboard athletes for the riding season through a 50/50 mix of focussed gym training and trampoline training. Along with the focus of building overall strength and flexibility, our certified Freestyle coaches will help athletes build air awareness and learn new skills on the trampoline in preparation for the snowboard season.


  • Basic trampoline experience is required.

Key Goals

  • Develop air awareness
  • Refine timing & coordination
  • Strengthen endurance and athleticism
  • Learn new skills & tricks

Equipment Required

  • Comfortable athletic wear for indoor training.
  • Closed-toe running shoes

Additional Information

  • Proof of up-to-date athlete (NSO/PSO) membership through Freestyle Canada or Canada Snowboard is required to participate in these programs.


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Trampoline Waiver

Airbag Waiver

Ski/Snowboard Waiver

Freestyle Training Waiver

COVID-19 Waiver

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