Ages 10 - 16 / Level 5/6

Enduro - Fall - Level 5/6

Take your riding to the next level and keep shredding in our fall Enduro programs! These programs will give you the tools to charge through technical Blue and Black terrain while building your endurance. To be prepared for this level, participants should already be comfortable riding in a standing ‘ready’ position on Blue or easier Black terrain.


  • Use correct uphill or downhill position on technical Blue terrain
  • Efficient use of both brakes on technical blue terrain to maintain traction and control.
  • Correct timing when using brakes to maintain speed and control.
  • Shift gears pre-emptively through uphill or downhill terrain to maintain a proper cadence.
  • 'Ghost shift’ to transition between gears efficiently. • Ride over small obstacles (sticks, rocks, etc.) with correct body position.
  • Scan the trail and choose the appropriate line in a corner or on a technical blue trail.

Key Goals

  • Brake efficiently to maintain speed in corners and technical sections
  • Use pressure control to generate speed.
  • Use rotation to improve cornering
  • Distinguish safe, fast and efficient line choice in technical sections
  • Air over a jump or feature and maintain proper positioning.
  • Learn different maneuvers such as a bunny hop, front wheel lift and rear wheel lift.
  • Shift gears efficiently to maintain speed through technical blue and black terrain

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