WinSport Bike Park

What is it?

WinSport is proud to build Calgary’s only outdoor Mountain Bike Skills Centre which will feature nine acres of terrain and 14 trails. The Mountain Bike Skills Centre accompanies WinSport’s existing downhill trail network.

Located on the west side of Canada Olympic Park, the Mountain Bike Skills centre features the following components:

Cross country trails
  • These trails include climbing, descending and flat terrain
  • Levels: one green, two blue, one black trail
  • Great for developing fitness, climbing and technical skills
Flow trails
  • These trails include banked turns, rolling terrain and various types of jumps
  • Levels: two green, two blue and two black trails
Skills loop
  • The loop focuses on isolating skills so riders can practice on berms, maneuvering in tight trees, and riding on rollovers, tables tops and bridges
  • Two loops – one green and one blue

Why open a skills centre?

WinSport is addressing the growing interest in the sport of mountain biking. In addition to the popular downhill trails at Canada Olympic Park, The Mountain Bike Skills Park significantly enhances the entire park by offering enduro riding which is becoming increasingly popular amongst riders who are seeking adventure, fitness, speed and a desire to improve their technical skills in a safe environment.

Public Access

WinSport’s Mountain Bike Skills Centre will initially open for lesson and summer camp participants in June with public access beginning on August 15.

We envision the Mountain Bike Skills Centre as a hub for the mountain biking community in greater Calgary. We plan to host theme nights and social events where riders gather to take the trails and bond over an activity they are passionate about.

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WinSport Bike Park
WinSport Bike Park
WinSport Bike Park
WinSport Mountain Bike Park

How does weather impact the skills centre

The greatest asset of the skills centre is that it isn’t impacted by weather, as is the case of the downhill trail network.

The riding surfaces uses a hard-packed gravel on the trails across the nine acres. This high-quality top finish requires much less maintenance than most other surfaces and features will maintain their original design for a long period of time.

Not only will the riding community be able to enjoy these trails in rainy weather, it will also likely allow us to extend our riding season by opening the skills centre in early spring and operating into late fall.

Impact on Summer Camps and Lessons

The WinSport Skills Centre will be incorporated into summer camps and mountain bike lesson programming. Instructors will split time between the downhill trails, Eastlands terrain and the new Bike Skills Centre. The Centre will also be utilized to assess rider ability in a safe environment to ensure participants are placed in the most appropriate riding level.

Who is building the park?

We have contracted the team at Bike Track. Bike Track is a full-service design, build and consultancy company with decades of experience in the industry. Steve Taylor, Jordan Gould & James Norton are riders who have designed, built and consulted on amazing trails, parks and projects. To really get to know the team look at the short video below.

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