Summer Activities

Thanks for a great summer, all of our summer activities are closed for the season.

See you next year!
Individual Summer Activities - Closed for the season

Summer bobsleigh

Ride down the track made famous by Team Jamaica during the '88 Winter Olympic Games which was also featured in Disney’s Cool Runnings film. Our expert pilot will slide a group of 4 through 10 turns hitting speeds of 80+ km/hr and you will feel the force of over 2 G’s.

Winter Bobsleigh Rides will begin in November 2018.

North America’s Fastest Zipline

Soar on North America’s Fastest Zipline that starts from the same jump made famous by Eddie the Eagle in ’88. This ride consists of three Ziplines (Trainer/Monster/Plaza)
You’ll start on our Trainer line where you’ll get a feel for the zipline by learning how to ride it. We will drive you through the park to the iconic 90-metre ski jump tower where you’ll get to experience Calgary’s highest vantage point before zipping down Monster – North America’s fastest zipline. Your adventure will finish by taking a ride on the eight-storey Plaza Zipline, which takes you through a treed area back down to the base. This adventure takes about one hour to complete


Free Fall – Take the Leap

Experience our latest adrenaline-filled adventure – Free Fall! We’ll take you up to our new eight-storey platform where we’ll fit you in a bungee-type harness. Jump off the platform and you’ll feel the sensation that's the closest thing you can get to skydiving as you free fall eight metres before coming to a slow descent to the ground.

Mini Golf - Putt like a Pro

Take the entire family out to our professionally designed 18-hole mini-golf course, which features a picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains. Every hole offers varying banking, lengths and elevation to put your putting skills to the test. Conveniently located on the west side of campus, the golf course is easily accessible from all areas of the city and parking is free.


Scenic Chairlift

Take our chairlift up on a relaxing ride where you’ll get a glimpse of our summer activities which include 20 kilometres of mountain bike trails, North America’s fastest zipline and the iconic ski tower from the '88 Winter Olympic Games. On the way down, take in the stunning view of both the city skyline to the east and the Rocky Mountains to the west.

More Summer Activities

Mountain Biking

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Skyline Luge

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Public Skating

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Summer Combos & Activity FAQ's

A. Only combos can be purchased via our online store. Single activities can be booked in person or via phone only. Please contact Guest Services at 403-247-5452 (ext. 4) or for more information.

A. Yes. The expected time for each combo indicated on the website is an estimate and should be used as a guideline only.

A. Some activities included in our combos require a pre-booked, scheduled time. These activities include the zipline and the summer bobsleigh. The time range that you have selected for your combo indicates the time during which these two activities will be booked. All other activities are self-directed and can be done at your own pace (within the hours of operation for those activities), either before or after your booked activities.

A. No, only the zipline and bobsleigh have booked times associated with them. All other activities are walk-up based, and can be completed at your own pace (within the hours of operation for those activities).

A. You will receive an email from Guest Services within 48 hours of booking online, which will indicate the times you have been booked into both the zipline and bobsleigh. These two activities will be booked within the time range you chose during the booking process. All other activities included in your combo can be completed at your own pace (within the hours of operation for those activities) either before or after your booked activities.

A. Yes, with the exception of the zipline and bobsleigh which have booked times associated with them. We encourage all guests to complete their activities within the same day, but vouchers are valid until the end of the season in which they were purchased. Vouchers cannot be extended to future seasons.

A. The zipline, bobsleigh, and free fall all have weight and age restrictions that must be strictly adhered to. These restrictions are in place for the safety of our guests and our staff, and have been determined by the manufacturers of our zipline, free fall, and bobsleigh operations. Individuals weighing in above or below the limits indicated for their activity put themselves at risk of serious injury or death. Weigh scales are located at all required activities and will be used to confirm guest’s weight prior to participating.

A. The Free Fall can be added onto the Adrenaline Combo for $19.99+GST via the online store. Custom combos can be created with the assistance of a Guest Services representative. Please contact Guest Services at 403-247-5452 (ext. 4), for more information about creating a custom combo for you or your group.

A. Some activities included in our combos may need to be cancelled due to weather, including high winds and lightning. If WinSport cancels any activity due to adverse weather, guests will be entitled to a full credit or refund, or can reschedule for another day. If WinSport deems it safe to operate, refunds will not be provided, however guests are welcome to reschedule outside of 24 hours from the booking date. A comprehensive guide to our cancellation policies can be found on the website here.

A. WinSport adheres to a 24-hour cancellation policy for all prebooked activities. Refunds or credits will not be given if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the booking. Cancellations made 7 days or more prior to the date of booking can be refunded less $21. Cancellations made between 7 days and 24 hours prior to the date of the booking will be credited to the booker’s account. A comprehensive guide to our cancellation policies can be found on the website here.

A. All of these activities require helmets which are provided by WinSport. Some of our helmets have GoPro mounts already attached. Please ask your guide about getting an appropriate helmet for use with your camera. The zipline and free fall activities require the use of full body harnesses, therefore body harness camera mounts are not permitted on these activities. Hand held cameras are permitted on the free fall, but NOT on the zipline or bobsleigh. Use of any personal cameras is done at the individual’s own risk.

A. For guidelines on what to wear for each activity, visit our “Know Before You Go” page, located here.

A. WinSport will do its best to accommodate those with physical impairments, however some activities have different physical requirements. Please contact a Guest Services Representative at 403-247-5452 (ext. 4) or to discuss your individual capabilities and how we can best accommodate them. Please visit our “Know Before You Go” page, located here, to see a comprehensive list of health restrictions for these activities.

A. Bulk rates may apply for groups of 12 or more guests. For group bookings please contact Guest Services at 403-247-5452 (ext. 4), or . For special events, corporate bookings, or to combine activities with private room and catering requests, please contact our Sales Department at

A. WinSport cannot supervise young children while parents or guardians participate in their activities. Please arrange for supervision and/or alternate activities for your children ahead of time. The Summer Fun Combo includes activities more suitable for guests of all ages, including young children, and may be a better choice for those with young families.