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Before You Arrive
While you are here

All guidelines can be found in our Arena Facility and User Safety Guidelines and Arena Booking and Licensee Guidelines


Before you Arrive

Q. Rink Ready - What does this mean?

A. ‘Rink Ready’ means putting on as much equipment as you can at home or in the car, arriving at the rink ready to go. The purpose of being ‘Rink Ready’ is to reduce the time users spend inside the facility. With less time to prepare and dress inside the facility, it is still the users’ responsibility to be on the ice on time.

Q. When should I arrive?

A. Please arrive no earlier than 25 minutes before the start of the scheduled ice time. If you arrive before this, please wait in your car until it is time to proceed to the designated Screening Zone.

Q. What is WinSport Screening process?

A. It is the responsibility of the Licensee (User Group) to conduct active screening of all participants and attendees. WinSport strongly recommends using the AHS Daily Health Screening Checklist

This is part of the contractual agreement between WinSport and the Licensee.

WinSport has created Screening Zones outside the Players Entrance for groups to meet prior to entering the facility. A sign displaying the AHS Daily Health Screening Checklist will be present to assist with the screening process.  

Parents are also encouraged to complete the AHS Daily Health Check before leaving home and take their child’s temperature if possible.



While you are here

Q. How long do I have to get ready?

A. Please arrive 25 minutes before your scheduled ice time. Once complete, users will have 10 minutes in the facility to complete any final preparations before entering the ice.

Q. Can I stay and watch?

A. Unfortunately, until further notice no spectators are permitted in the facility. Parents/guardians assisting participants with final equipment preparations, must immediately vacate the facility once complete.

Q. As a parent, can I help my child get their skates and helmet on?

A. One parent/guardian can enter the facility to assist with final equipment preparations for their young participant(s), provided they have completed and passed the daily health screening check and are wearing a mask. Please abide by all arena safety guidelines when inside the facility, including dressing room rules regarding physical distancing and room capacities.

Q. Why is there a 30-minute gap between booking?

A. To ensure we can successfully conduct our rigorous cleaning practices we have implemented a 30-minute gap instead of our usual 15 minutes to ensure we provide a safe and clean environment for all our users and staff.  

Q. How do I access the two arenas?

A. Access to the arenas is restricted to the Players Entrance only.



Q. Will masks be required by staff, participants or other?

A. WinSport will follow AHS Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation with respect to when staff or participants are required to wear masks. Masks should not be worn when participating in physical activity.

Those entering the facility will be required to wear a mask as per the City of Calgary’s bylaw, effective August 1, 2020. Exception to the guidelines are on ice participants who are NOT require to wear a mask while walking on to the ice, on the ice and returning to the dressing room but must wear one when entering and exiting the facility.



Q. What size can the groups be? What about cohort groups?

A. WinSport is currently allowing groups with a maximum capacity of 25 users, (20 on ice participants and up to 5 coaches, instructors, team representatives, volunteers) who may remain in the WinSport facility.

Cohort user groups must adhere to physical distancing guidelines while off the ice in common spaces such as dressing rooms and walkways.

Although the Alberta Government states cohort can be up to 50 people, WinSport’s maximum number of on ice participants and coaches will remain at 25 until further notice. This is due to the space required to provide physical distancing measures in common areas, such as dressing rooms, walkways, etc.

Information on Cohorts can be found on the Alberta Government Guidance for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation and Alberta Governments Guidance for Cohorts Groups

Q. What is the Ice cancellation policy?

A. Any Licensee may cancel a scheduled ice time 30 days prior and receive a full refund. If within 30 days, Licensee can request to reschedule by informing the Arena Coordinator at least 7 days prior the ice time in question and WinSport will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the request.

If WinSport is required to close the facility due to government order or related to COVID-19, Licensee will receive a full refund for any affected ice times.

If the Licensee requests or is required to cancel ice times due to COVID-19, and the ice times fall within 30 days, the following refund policy will apply;

  • 25% of fees are non-refundable
  • 75% will be credited on to your account which can be used for a future ice time.

Q. Why is daytime (non-prime) ice more expensive than usual?

A. Operating the Arenas while adhering to AHS Guidelines has increased our costs, due to our lower than normal capacities and increased resources being put towards implementing and upholding rigorous safety and disinfecting measure during the current situation.

The current rates are applicable to the month of August, and our winter rates are currently being reviewed.

Q. Why are you not open on weekends?

A. WinSport has adopted a phased approach to opening our Arenas to ensure we can execute all AHS Guidelines and safety protocols successfully. We will gauge demand early in our reopening process to determine when we will increase our operations.

Q. Why are bookings only 1-hour time slots?

A. By scheduling set ice times, we can control the number of users within our facility at any one time.

Q. Will you be opening more rinks and extending operating hours?

A. WinSport will constantly reviewing our operations in order to make changes and updates as required. No timetable has been set for increasing our operations at this time.

Q. What is happens in fall/winter?

A. We are currently working on a plan for our Fall and Winter season but with much uncertainty around the AHS Guidelines, this is unknown at the moment. Please sign up to our Ice Newsletter List to receive the latest Arena updates.

Q. Are the dressing rooms open?

A. Yes, our dressing rooms are open with a set capacity of 16 people per room (10 on ice participants, 5 parents to assists with equipment if required, and 1 supervisor to ensure physical distancing is being followed). If you do not feel comfortable using the dressing rooms, we have a small number of designated chairs located in our walkway per rink that you can use to lace up.

Q. Can I rent equipment?

A. WinSport will not be renting out equipment until further notice. User Groups are responsible to bring their own equipment and ensuring they clean and disinfect after every use. Hockey nets will still be provided for bookings that require them.



Q. Are WinSport ice programs running in August?

A. WinSport ice programs are not running in August.  Once a start date has been determined for any ice programming we will update with more information.

Q. Is the WHCL running in August?

A. The WHCL will not be running in August.  Currently the Winter Season is set to start September 8th, 2020. 

Q. Is the garden cafe open?

A. No, the Garden café will remain closed until further notice.