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Academy History

In 2001, a group of young snowboarders gathered every Tuesday and Thursday night to improve their riding skills and develop their freestyle snowboarding with coaches called the Ruff Ryderz. Soon afterwards, Patrick Breault joined the club as a freestyle ski coach. Four skiers joined the 40 snowboarders in 2005, which created the first community of athletes and coaches training and competing with WinSport. 

As the years passed, the club programs evolved into the Canada Olympic Park competitive clubs that competed at club, provincial, and national events. The support that clubs were getting from Heather Robertson attracted high-performance programs and coaches such as Sarah Leishman and Adam Robertson for snowboard cross (SBX). Patrick Breault and Scott Morton were the coaches for halfpipe (HP) and slopestyle skiing (SS). Our freestyle ski team and SBX program were winning at an international stage and began making a presence in the industry. WinSport as a facility, and now as a program, began establishing itself as a leader in athlete development and sustainable programming.

In 2010, the Club programs turned another page with new coaches Brett McClelland, Chip Milner, Mike Stastook and Josh Duncan. This group of coaches began what would turn into the WinSport Academy for the sports of SS and HP snowboarding and skiing. 

Evolving further in 2012, new coaches Mike Shaw and Marc Shymko joined the elite group of coaches at WinSport under new direction from Daniel Lefebvre and Dr. Stephen Norris. 

Now with full-time A and B teams, hundreds of young developing athletes and a world leading snow school attracting new skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers; the Academy will make an impact in the future of Canada’s winter sport athletes.  WinSport supports the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan with the facilities and services that meet every stage of Canada’s LTAD model. From "cradle to grave", from three-year-old skier to life-long coach, WinSport is leading winter sports into a new era of excellence.