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The Canadian Olympic Foundation (COF) is a proud supporter of the Aviva Ski Jumping Centre at WinSport which is home to Ski Jumping Canada and Nordic Combined Ski Canada. Established in 2007, the Canadian Olympic Foundation gives to priority partners that drive high performance athletic achievement for Canada’s Olympic podium potentials and for our next generation of Olympic athletes.
Canadian Sport Institute
The Canadian Sport Institute in Calgary is one of the top Olympic sport training environments in the world and service provider to athletes at WinSport’s state of the art new Performance Training Centre. The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary is a non-profit organization that strives to develop a positive and comprehensive environment focused on excellence by providing athletes and coaches with leading experts in the fields of exercise physiology, sport medicine, strength and conditioning, biomechanics, nutrition, mental training, coach education and life services. The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary currently provides services to more than 500 summer and winter athletes and coaches living and training in Calgary and the Bow Valley Corridor.
B2ten is a charitable organization that exists to make a material contribution to amateur sport in Canada. Supported by the private sector and using a business based approach it acts through three principle endeavours:
  • 1. Providing select athletes a best case scenario for success
  • 2. Contributing to system uplift through professional development and the improvement of the methods and approaches used by professionals
  • 3. Building the base for future success in competitive sport
B2ten invitees have contributed to Canada’s success on the international playing field having delivered a long list of World Cup, World Championship and Olympic medals. 
Active for Life

Active for Life, a social enterprise by B2ten, is supporting a national movement for children's physical literacy. Children become physically literate as they learn fundamental movement skills from an early age. Research shows that when children develop these skills the right way and at the right time, they benefit in countless ways for the rest of their lives. gives parents the tools and the know-how to develop their children's physical literacy so they become active, healthy, and successful for life.

RBC Learn to Play Project

WinSport is honoured to be among the first recipients of a RBC Learn To Play Projects Grant.  Physical literacy is the cornerstone of WinSport’s youth programing and there is great alignment with RBC as they understand that children need to learn fundamental movement skills to develop the confidence and competence to participate in sport and physical activity – to have the opportunity to play with their friends and be healthy, happy and active for life.

Pure North S'Energy Foundation

WinSport is proud to be associated with the Pure North S’Energy Foundation who support the health and wellness of many athletes who train at our facilities. Founded by Mr. Allan Markin, the Pure North S’Energy Foundation, an innovative preventative health program focused on promoting a positive lifestyle as the foundation of a happy, healthy and long life. A registered charity, as of August 2012, Pure North had over 13,000 registered participants from a broad cross-section of backgrounds, with a special focus on inner-city and aboriginal populations, including many communities in northern Canada. The main focus is supplying dearly needed vital nutrients, and the reduction of heavy metals.


WinSport is home to The Chamber by PowerWatts, through the generous support of B2ten. PowerWatts is a training system used to optimize cycling performance and fitness. This "system" consists of an integration of proprietary hardware, software and interval matrix’s used to challenge the most seasoned athletes in a fun, dynamic environment.  This unique system prescribes, stores and analyses training data to allow athletes or recreational riders to work at their own specific level.


HiTrainer is revolutionizing sports training with a combination of advanced performance analysis solutions and high intensity training on a single machine. Through the generous donation of a HiTrainer, WinSport’s athletes benefit from this high intensity interval training for rapid and effective conditioning in a minimum of time, that are an essential addition to training routines for any sport. Real-time data collected by sophisticated onboard sensors make it easier to analyze the user’s exact performance, monitor training progress and compare athletes.

The Calgary Foundation

The Calgary Foundation facilitates collaborative philanthropy by making powerful connections between donors and community organizations for the long term benefit of Calgary and surrounding area.
Through the generosity of The Calgary Foundation’s Daryl K. Seaman Canadian Hockey Fund, WinSport was able to transform an existing piece of property into a viable playing field to be used for camps and other children’s programs as they develop physical literacy. This improvement will allow the playing field to be used and enjoyed by those who love to be active.

Fast and Female

Fast and Female is a not-for-profit society started in 2005 by Chandra Crawford, an Olympic gold medalist in cross country skiing at the 2006 Games. The organization’s goal is to support, motivate, inspire and empower girls ages 9 to 19 to stick to sports and the healthy lifestyle. Fast and Female creates “Empowerment through sport” for girls by hosting fun-filled, non-competitive programming led by female Olympians and elite athletes, as well as by delivering educational content to parents and coaches. WinSport is the host venue for the Girls in Sport summit for up to 150 girls, parents and coaches.


Official Soft Drink of WinSport
WinSport customers enjoy Pepsi’s cool refreshing flavor during or after a day of winter or summer play. Other PepsiCo products offered at WinSport include Frito-Lay snacks and Quaker muffins.


Good things come from Sysco - and great partnerships come from Sysco! In addition to providing WinSport with the ingredients to run a successful foodservice operation, Sysco supports our recreational and up and coming athletes. We are sincerely grateful to have a major supporter who understands and embraces all that WinSport offers the sporting community.


Major projects with the scope of WinSport’s new Markin MacPhail Centre would not be successful without great supporters like Stantec. Trusted advisors and project managers, Stantec shares our passion for sport and delivers above and beyond to help create one of the most unique one-stop-shop athlete environments in the world. Founded in 1954, in simple terms, the world of Stantec is the water we drink, the routes we travel, the buildings we visit, the industries in which we work, and the neighborhoods we call home.

Worley Parsons

WinSport sincerely appreciates and acknowledges the support of Worley Parsons as a key pillar of our financial sustainability. As a valued tenant in WinSport’s new Professional Building, Worley Parsons contributes directly to the success of our athletes at all levels and every dollar spent at WinSport contributes to the organization’s ability to support sport. In addition, Worley Parsons environmental consulting expertise is invaluable to WinSport as we strive to responsibly manage the "Paskapoo" legacy lands.

The Saddledome Foundation

The Saddledome Foundation is a nine-member appointed Board established in the early 1980s to oversee the management and operation of the Saddledome. The Board is made up of three Directors appointed by the City of Calgary, three appointed by the Province of Alberta, and one each from WinSport, Hockey Canada and the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede. The Foundation created the Amateur Sport Grant Program through which the Calgary Flames contribute more than $800,000 per year to amateur sport. This grant is divided equally between three organizations: the Parks Foundation, Calgary; WinSport and Hockey Canada each of whom, in turn, distribute the money to amateur sport groups throughout Calgary.

Sport Canada

Sport Canada works to help Canadians participate and excel in sport. As part of the Department of Canadian Heritage, Sport Canada works with many partners including government, national sport organizations, multisport service organizations and Canadian Sport Institutes to strengthen the sport development system within Canada.

Calgary Booster Club

The Calgary Booster Club, as the catalyst for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games bid, has a special history with WinSport. Through the foresight of the Booster Club, WinSport not only hosted a tremendously successful Games, but have maintained and expanded the original facilities as part of our evolution into a winter sport institute. Since 1951 the Calgary Booster Club has supported and celebrated athletics in the city. Each year the Booster Club provides achievement awards including the Sportsman of the Year Award, Male & Female Athletes of the Year and offers funding to student athletes.

Government of Canada

The Government of Canada signed a contribution letter with WinSport in December 2009 outlining the investment of $40 million toward a new complex. This contribution brought WinSport one step closer to the completion of the high performance training centre in the Markin MacPhail Centre which is a "one-stop shop" bringing together sport sciences, athlete support services and leading edge facilities.

Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta committed $69 million in 2007 to WinSport’s facility renewal and expansion. This renewal of Alberta’s Olympic legacies will keep Alberta at the forefront of Canadian winter sport excellence. This world class facility is a critical component of creating a national winter sport institute which will take Canada to the next level of sport excellence and leave a legacy for generations come. The Government of Alberta also contributed $500,000 in 2018 from the Community Facility Enhancement Program for the facility renewal project, which involved 33 individual projects, which began in the fall of 2017 and were completed in the fall of 2018.

City of Calgary
The City of Calgary’s $20-million contribution to the arenas in WinSport’s Markin MacPhail Centre enhances the legacy of the '88 Games into the next century.  Calgarians have the unique opportunity to be active on ice or snow in the same venues as their Olympic heroes.
Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, located on donated land at WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park directly across from the main entrance of the Markin MacPhail Centre, is where Canadian sport heroes are recognized. It is the Hall’s vision to inspire Canadian identity and national pride by telling the compelling stories of outstanding achievements of Canada’s sports history. The 40,000 square foot state of the art facility opened in July 2011 and inspires all athletes from entry level to high performance.

Sport Calgary

Sport Calgary is a volunteer non-profit society, representing sport in the city of Calgary. As an advocate of sport, Sport Calgary strives to assist, support and influence the growth of sport in Calgary. WinSport is pleased to be a host venue for All Sport One Day, a FREE day of sport discovery for children aged 6 to 12. Sport Calgary partners with more than 40 Sport Organizations and 11 Facility Partners to make this day a fun and exciting reality. 

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Blake, Cassels & Graydon (Blakes), one of Canada’s top business law firms, has been fostering a relationship with WinSport since early 2013 and has worked with WinSport on a pro-bono basis since that time, also advising on other on-going matters. Blakes is proud to say it has one of the largest pro-bono programs in Canada. Blakes is consistently investing in and pursuing worthwhile causes in the community, and will continue to support WinSport’s initiatives by providing top-notch legal services.