Cold Weather Policy

Revised: December 9, 2011

Throughout our winter season Canada Olympic Park will experience changing and challenging weather situations that will affect the operation of various venues. In the case of cold weather we must differentiate between what is “normal and expected” Canadian winter weather and what is “severe and of safety concern” Canadian weather.  Our internal operational definitions of the two weather ranges are:

  • Normal and Expected = daily high of -24C or warmer
  • Severe and of Safety Concern = daily high of -25C or colder
On any day where the forecasted daily high is -25C or colder we will institute a flexible cold weather policy. When temperatures at the Park approach and fall within ‘Severe and of Safety Concern’ conditions the operations team will evaluate the on-site situation and make decisions about hill/program closures on a day-by-day basis. These decisions will be influenced by hill conditions, weather trends and other mitigating factors.
Source:  Environment Canada COP Weather station
*Note that if the cold weather hits on a day we normally offer night skiing, we will make two separate decisions: one for daytime operations and one for night operations (5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.). These will be well communicated on the hill report page of our website.  

Due to the nature of Calgary’s often quick-changing weather, we will make initial decisions based on the 48-hour forecast for Canada Olympic Park. However, in the event of an unexpected, fast moving cold front, hill activities and terrain closures could be enacted on the spot. We will provide status updates on our website and through our snow phone at 403-247-SNOW (7669). 
Cold Weather Policy