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WinSport in the Community

WinSport is dedicated to supporting sport from the grassroots level through to high performance athletes. As a not-for-profit organization, WinSport actively supports the community through a number of charitable initiatives that align with our focus on youth, sport and active living. WinSport is also dedicated to fulfilling donation requests from charitable and not-for-profit organizations to assist in their fundraising efforts.

Donations MUST be received through the online donation request form found on WinSport’s website.

Due to the high volume of donation requests we receive on an annual basis, WinSport cannot fulfill all requests made.

Which organizations do we support?
WinSport’s purpose is to activate human potential through the spirit of sport, therefore our selection criteria is solely based on organizations that closely align with this purpose. Some of our preferred charities that we support include Jump Start, Kids Cancer Care, Kid Sport and Sport Calgary as well as communities in the Calgary area. Priority is given on an annual basis for WinSport driven initiatives. Due to the volume of requests, WinSport may choose to decline third party event requests and focus directly on donating to the benefitting charity. WinSport will not provide donations to individuals or families.

Donation application process
In order for donations requests to be considered, the online donation form must be fully completed and submitted.  At the completion of your event, WinSport asks that you complete the follow-up form sent to you by your WinSport contact, and submit it within two weeks following your event. All auction items with be accompanied with a WinSport auction poster, which we ask is placed behind the auction item at the event.

Please note that once an organization’s donation request is approved, the organization cannot re-apply for an additional donation until 12 months has passed.

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