WinSport Team Training
Sport Training

This service is focused on developing overall athleticism as well as physical and mental preparation and sport-related skills. Options include Team Training, Individual Athlete and Small Group Training.

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  • Customized approach to programming and services
  • Programming to be built in conjunction with team’s Yearly Training Plan
  • Driven by the Long Term Athlete Development framework
  • Innovative, dynamic and highly trained team of Strength & Conditioning Coaches under the direction of our Athlete Development Specialist
  • World class training environments both indoors and outdoors

WinSport & Hockey Canada Off-Ice Conditioning Programs

The WinSport Strength and Conditioning Team is very pleased to be partnering with Hockey Canada to provide off-ice/dryland conditioning programs to Bantam, Midget and Junior hockey players. The programs are designed to optimize key components of hockey fitness to achieve peak performances for pre-season evaluations and in-season play. Programs are offered in 6-weeks blocks and are created to progressively build on one another, however participants can register for individual phases or a combination of the three.

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Phase I - April 10 to May 19, 2017
Six Week Focus - Build Stamina
  • Develop the building blocks critical for hockey conditioning.
  • Create a solid base of aerobic and muscular endurance.
  • Improve overall stamina and recovery during training and competition.
Cost: $500.00 - based on 3 days per week.
Additional Training days are available
Phase II - May 23 to June 30th, 2017
Six Week Focus - Build Muscle Mass
  • Develop muscle mass
  • Develop strength and greater overall tolerance to high intensity training.
Cost: $500.00 - based on 3 days per week.
Additional Training days are available
Phase III - July 10 to August 18, 2017
Six Week Focus - Get Fast
  • Develop speed & explosive power in preparation for evaluations and the upcoming hockey season.
Cost: $650.00 - based on 4 days per week.