What Is PowerWatts?
PowerWatts™ is an indoor cycling training system used to improve performance and fitness.  This system consists of an integration of proprietary hardware, software and interval matrices used to challenge the most seasoned athletes in a fun and dynamic environment. PowerWatts™ has been refined and optimized over the past 20 years by applied exercise physiologists and coaches to allow athletes of all levels to train to their full potential. This unique system prescribes, stores and analyzes training data to allow for each rider to work at their own specific level. Join us today!
Each class has a maximum of 8 riders, begins with a warm-up, followed by sets of precisely controlled intervals and a cool down for a total of one hour. The program targets each metabolic energy system and several vital riding skills with guidance from positive and experienced coaches. Clients can purchase passes from Guest Services to reserve spots online in advance of the session.


PowerWatts helped me become not only a good skier but a good athlete overall. It has allowed me to push myself and my abilities in the gym, on the bike and obviously on the hill, to a different level. The coaches have kept me motivated day after day for the past eight years, to get to where I am today. Thanks to PowerWatts.
  • Olympic medallist, mogul skiing
  • 2010 Olympic Champion in Freestyle skiing
  • 3 times World Champion
  • 6 times Canadian Champion

PowerWatts training has been a positive addition to my life. The training has allowed me to significantly increase my fitness and lose weight. It also introduced me to the cycling world. The trainers are all knowledgeable cycling experts who make coming to PowerWatts fun and entertaining. I have seen PowerWatts training assist all levels of cyclist – from the novice to the most experienced. I recommend PowerWatts for anyone who wants top-notch cycling training, regardless of level.
  • Weekend cyclist
I love using PowerWatts cycling training as a way to prepare for my skiing competitions. The PowerWatts coaches have helped me increase my fitness level by increasing my strength, endurance, power and acceleration.
  • Canadian Olympic gold medalist
  • Freestyle mogul skiing, Turn 2006

Powerwatts training has helped increase my cardio, power and leg strength and taken my fitness to a new level. Given the dynamic of the Power Watts training sessions, both my aerobic and anaerobic capacities are worked. In addition, to the physical benefits, the Powerwatts training gives me the opportunity to train with other athletes and exercisers. The coaches are great helping me work to improve my weaknesses and refine my strengths. I thoroughly enjoy every time I have the opportunity to put on my bike shorts for a Powerwatts work out. The work out is intense, but it does pay off!
  • Hockey Goalie, Team Canada