PowerWatts FAQs
Who trains with PowerWatts™?
Our wide range of clients include Olympians and world champions from a variety of sport disciplines, professional and masters level cyclists, recreational cyclists, multisport athletes, and individuals who want to improve their overall fitness.

Why train with PowerWatts™?
PowerWatts™ is the perfect combination of three critical training components – coaching, software, and hardware. High intensity training is scientifically proven to improve performance on very little training volume. For time-crunched individuals, PowerWatts™ offers the optimal solution to indoor training.

Who created PowerWatts™?
The PowerWatts™ training system was created in 1996 by exercise physiologist, coach and former professional Ironman triathlete Paulo Saldanha. Paulo coupled many years of racing experience with the science behind quality based conditioning to build an innovative and effective training tool.

Where is the PowerWatts™ studio?
The PowerWatts™ studio is located on the main floor of the Markin MacPhail Centre on the iconic WinSport campus (Canada Olympic Park), across the street from Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. The campus can be accessed from three points and there are multiple options for free parking.
Please proceed to the Guest service desk

Do I need any special equipment?
Yes. PowerWatts™ bikes require Look Keo cleats compatible with road cycling shoes. If you do not have any you can rent some from the Guest Services desk in the Markin MacPhail Centre.

How do I book into a session?
For member who purchases a punch pass a login will be provided to you so you can register online here. Click here

For a drop in please call Guest Services 403-247-5405 a minimum of 3 hours in advance of your session to check for availability in a session and to book in. Please proceed to guest services in the Markin MacPhail Centre is a minimum of 20 minutes before the class to pay for your session.

Can I use the Performance Training centre?
You will be permitted to use the change rooms in the Performance Training Centre a maximum of 45 minutes before and after your PowerWatts™ session. Your punch card and drop in rates do not give you access to the training floor or equipment in the Performance Training Centre.

How much does the new membership cost?
Train for the season with a package of PowerWatts™ classes (+GST)
OptionTotal CostCost per Class
5 Pack $162.50 $32.50

Need to step it up this week? Add a single PowerWatts™ class to your training routine whenever you want.
OptionTotal CostCost per Class
Single Session
$35.00 $35.00

What is the PowerWatts™ schedule?
Time Slots Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday



What are the facility regulations?
Age: Memberships, multi-packs and single-visit passes are available to adults only (18 and above). Minors (under 18) are allowed in the facility when accompanied by PTC training staff (Sport Training program).

Beverages: Beverages are permitted provided they are in a sealed container only (no glass containers).

Food: No food is permitted in the PTC gym or on the running track.

Change Rooms/Lockers: Behaviors in the PTC change room facilities must be respectful. All belongings should be stored inside a day locker, leaving bench space clear (if desired, shoes can be neatly stored under benches). The complimentary towel service should not be abused. Members are responsible for the security of their belongings (locks may be used for day use).

Cell Phones: Cell phone use is limited to personal music access only (calls are restricted to change rooms only).

Circuit Registration: Annual and monthly members have the ability to pre-register online for Strength and Cardio Circuit classes up to 30 minutes before the start of a class. Members, drop-ins (single visit), and multi-pack holders can visit the PTC Guest Services desk up to 30 minutes prior to the start of any class to register, subject to availability. To minimize disruption, latecomers are not allowed to join a Circuit class after the scheduled start time; repeat occurrences will result in termination of the Circuit class benefit.

Circuit Safety: Proper hydration is required for Strength and Cardio Circuit classes. Participants should be amply hydrated prior to the start of class, in addition to having water available for the duration of the class. Please let your instructor know if you feel light headed, dizzy or nauseous, as well as informing them of any health concerns you may have that could potentially affect your participation.

Personal Training: Personal training must be facilitated with a PTC-provided trainer. External service providers (personal trainers and other) are not permitted in the facility. Any individual who is conducting or is suspected of conducting personal training/coaching with a PTC member, who is not a PTC-provided trainer, will have membership privileges reviewed and/or revoked. An individual may be suspected of personal training if he/she does (but is not limited to) the following:
  • Writing and/or designing a program for a patron.
  • Explaining and providing exercise technique to a patron or group of patrons.
  • Meeting with the same individual on a frequent basis.
  • Meeting with several different individuals within a given time period.
  • Directing exercise order for a patron.
  • Collecting or receiving payment from a patron for a session.
  • Assisting a patron with spotting, technique, or any specific instruction, but not exercising with that individual.
Drugs: Absolutely no illegal drug use is permitted in the facility.

Solicitation: Solicitation is not permitted.